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Anna Brings Over Her Friends

It was a typical Monday afternoon and I was waiting for the kids to get home from school when the doorbell rang. I answered the door to find Anna, a good friend of mine standing there. Come on in I said.

Anna and I talked for awhile then she told me that she had met this man and he was amazing. Anna was recently divorced and has only been back dating for about 3 months now and she always keeps me updated on her dates. Anna said she had been out with this guy about 5 times now and he was incredible.

She told me that she and Steve had gone back to his place Saturday night and they had spent the night together. This was only the third man she had ever been with sexually. Anna told me that Steve was amazing and she never knew sex could be so good. “I have to tell you something but you promise not to say a word to anyone” Anna said as she told me that Steve was a black man she had meant out at the Air force base.

I nearly fell off the couch; I would have never imagined Anna going out with a black man especially with her parents attitudes toward interracial dating. “Oh Christie I have to tell you he was incredible, I have never been so satisfied in my life”, Anna whispered to me. “I see why they say once you go black you never go back” Anna said as she blushed.

“I tell you what Christie you know that old saying size does not matter, well, who ever said that was lying” she said with a smile. Anna then told me that her ex-husband was about 6-1/2 inches long, but Steve was nearly 10-1/2 inches long and considerably thicker as well. I thought to myself my husbands right around 5 inches and I have always enjoyed him a great deal, what would more feel like?

“Oh Christie, Steve made me have so many orgasms you would not believe it”. Anna then told me that it had hurt at first and it had taken a while to take him all but it was worth it. “I am a little sore now but cannot wait to be back in Steve’s bed again” Anna went on to tell me some pretty racy details about how Steve had fucked her for a very long time without cumming.

“I tell you I felt so full and inside and so satisfied I cannot begin to tell you how good it felt, my ex husband never came close to making me feel like Steve did.” Anna and I talked for a while longer and she said she was hooked on big black dicks now and that no one would ever satisfy her like Steve had. Anna told me that she could barely fit his dick I her mouth, because Steve dick was so thick, “Baby you have got to try a big dick sometime it is simply incredible. Anna stayed for awhile longer giving me some rather graphic details about her night of wild hot sex.

Anna left about ten minutes after the kids had gotten home from school and to my surprise I found myself rather excited as I thought about what Anna had done and what she had said. That night I fucked Chris my husband twice cumming hard both times, but I found my self wondering what it would feel like to have something so big and thick sliding in and out of me.

That night I had several rather erotic dreams all about black men with large dicks taking me and making me cum over and over again. I woke up about 3 with my pussy dripping wet and throbbing, what the hell had gotten into me I thought. The next day after the kids had gone to school I found my self fingering my pussy in the shower I was so horny.

I kept visualizing so big black man between my legs making my scream in ecstasy as he worked his big dick in and out of me. I came so hard my legs nearly collapsed in the shower. I spent the next two days in a constant state of arousal, wondering just what it would feel like to have a big black dick sliding in and out of me. I had called Anna and told her I was having these wild thoughts and she just laughed.

Well Friday morning after the kids were gone Anna called and wanted to know if I could come over to help her with putting up some drapes. I said sure and drove out to her country home about 11 am. We worked on the drapes for about an hour and decided to grab some lunch, Anna and I had a sandwich and a couple of glasses of wine as well.

“So any more wild dreams” Anna asked me as we finished our third glass of wine. Yes I said had one last night matter of fact woke up horny as hell this morning, cannot wait till Chris gets home tonight, just then the doorbell rang. Anna went to answer it and I heard her say what are you doing here. That is when I heard this deep voice say me and Rod had the day off so I thought we would come by and help you hang those curtains before we headed to the gym.

Anna walked in and introduced Steve and Rod to me, hi I said nice to meet the two of you. Steve was a handsome man about 6-4 maybe 230 lbs well built and light caramel skin color. Rod was about 6-6 maybe 250 lbs of solid muscle and very good looking as well. Both guys had on shorts and tank tops so it was easy to see there fantastic looking bodies.

We all had another glass of wine and began hanging the curtains. Anna and Steve were constantly kissing and rubbing on each other as we did the curtains and I could see the huge bulge forming in Steve’s shorts. I tried not to look but it was impossible not too. Rod and I were sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine and Steve was standing up in a chair hanging the curtains his swollen crotch right in Anna’s face. That is when I nearly choked, Anna reached up and pulled Steve’s shorts down just enough to free his large semi-hard dick and began licking and sucking it right in front of us. My god even semi-hard he looked as big as my husband.

I gasped and turned my head and looked right at Rod who was smiling ear to ear. “Looks like they really enjoy hanging curtains don’t it” Rod said with a smile. As I looked at Rod I saw he too had a rather large bulge in his shorts as well. Now I don’t know if it was the wine on me being so horny but without even thinking about it I told Rod it looked like they were not the only one who liked hanging curtains, and looked down at his swollen crotch.

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“Sorry about that just something about being this close to such a beautiful women like yourself and it does that” he said with a smile. I slowly reached out with my hand and began rubbing his crotch.

That is when I told Rod to stand up and I pulled down his shorts letting his semi-hard cock fall out. My god I had never seen anything so large, it had to be 7 or 8 inches long and it was only semi-hard and it was a thick as my wrists. Would not want you to feel left out I smiled as I began licking his cock up and down.

Rods cock soon grew to it’s full length of 11 inches as it stood straight out. I sucked Rod’s dick for several minutes enjoying how powerful and strong his dick felt in my mouth. Rod then stood me up and began undressing me, as he did I looked up to see Anna in the love seat riding all 10 inches of Steve’s cock like a pro. She was whimpering and moaning like crazy as he smacked her ass as she rode his dick.

In no time both Rod and I were completely nude and he sat me down on the couch and began licking my dripping wet pussy. My god his tongue felt so good as he licked my clit. My shaven pussy was covered in my juices and Rod ate me alive. In no time I came and grabbed Rod’s head and fucked his tongue for all I was worth.

Rod slowly kissed his way up my stomach stopping to suck my hard nipples until he reached my lips. Rod slowly began kissing me as I tasted my own sweet juices on his lips. I was so horny I could not stand it anymore and I begged Rod to fuck me. I looked down between his legs and thought no way was I ever going to be able to take him inside me, boy was I wrong.

Rod had a great deal of patience as he working his beautiful cock deeper and deeper into me. At first the pain was very intense and I almost stopped, but gradually the pain subsided and was replaced with shear pleasure. I had never had anyone so deep inside me, or had someone stretch my pussy so open before and it felt unbelievable. I came 4 or 5 times before Rod had even gotten 8 inches inside me. Rod and I were on the couch and I had my hands grabbing his firm black ass as he thrust it up and down. I was cumming almost constantly know as he had all but an inch or so inside me. Give it to me baby a begged, give me all your beautiful dick Rod I want every inch inside me!

With that Rod thrust his hips hard and I felt his kinky pubic hair press firmly against my shaven pussy. Ohhhhhhhhhh goddddddddd dd I screamed as I felt him so deep inside me. Rod was hitting places I never new existed before today. Soon the two of us were fucking hard and fast as I experienced the most intense pleasure of my life. Ohhhhhhhhhh goddddddddd, ohhhhhhh goddddddddd yessssssssssss Rod fuck me hard I screamed.

I looked up to see Anna standing beside the couch smiling, “so tell me what do you think of Rod’s big black cock?” she said. God I love itttttttttttttt, I love big black cocksssssssssssss I screamed as another orgasm rocked my body. Rod continued to fuck me for several more minutes until I felt his cock swell and begin erupting stream after stream of hot cum inside me. I could actually feel each squirt of hot cum as it hit the inside of my pussy, oh god yesssssss I whimpered fill my pussy Rod, fill my pussy with your hot cum yessssssssssss. Rod held his cock balls deep as I milked every drop of cum with my aching pussy.

We all sat around kissing and fooling around then both Anna and I climbed in Steve’s and Rod’s lap and began riding their hard cocks on the couch. Ohhhhhhh god yessss we both moaned as we had are asses smacked hard. “Anna give Christie a kiss for me” I heard Steve say. I had never even thought about kissing another woman in my life but I was so horny right now I did not care. Soon the two of us were locked in a passionate kiss as our tongues explored each others mouth.

Before the day was over Anna and I both would have our first taste of cum filled pussy and being fucked by two cocks at once. But those details will have to wait to the next story. Needless to say both Anna and I are addicted to big black cock and we meet at least once a week over at Anna’s house to get our fix.



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