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Hot Wife Mandy Goes Sunbathing

When the sun comes out it’s really time to celebrate, that’s my feeling and one I know is shared by the two guys who live on either side of the house I share with my wife.

Because when the sun starts to shine those two guys hope their wives are out and that mine is most definitely in. When that scenario plays out, good things tend to happen.

This year there weren’t that many hot days to savor, but there were still enough to provide another memorable summer for me and my neighbors. I recall a particularly pleasing July afternoon, midweek, when the sun was scorching down, the temperature had hit thirty degrees and all the necessary conditions were in play. To Read More of Hot Wifes Mandy's Story Click Here

Anna Brings Over Her Friends

It was a typical Monday afternoon and I was waiting for the kids to get home from school when the doorbell rang. I answered the door to find Anna, a good friend of mine standing there. Come on in I said.

Anna and I talked for awhile then she told me that she had met this man and he was amazing. Anna was recently divorced and has only been back dating for about 3 months now and she always keeps me updated on her dates. Anna said she had been out with this guy about 5 times now and he was incredible.

She told me that she and Steve had gone back to his place Saturday night and they had spent the night together. This was only the third man she had ever been with sexually. Anna told me that Steve was amazing and she never knew sex could be so good. “I have to tell you something but you promise not to say a word to anyone” Anna said as she told me that Steve was a black man she had meant out at the Air force base. To Read More of This Hot Wife Story Click Here

This Last Weekend I Got Fucked By A Real Man

This last weekend, my husband and I met with a person we'd chatted with on-line. I was apprehensive at first, not having seen a picture first. He turned out to be "so-so" looking, nothing great; I actually think my husband is better looking. But he was physically bigger, taller and more aggressive. Which is something I'm attracted to. I prefer Dominate men.

We met at a local bar and after a few drinks I was convinced I wanted to fuck him. We had a drink when we got home and Dave wasted no time. He stood up and positioned himself in front of me as I was sitting on our couch. He undid his pants and out flop a very large cock. Even soft, it was bigger than my husband's. I'm sure I was blushing as he took my hand and guided it onto the shaft. As I told him that it was big, he told me that it will get even bigger if I lick the head. He was right. I was amazed at how big the circumcised head got. I was in awe and told him again "God, it's so big". He just calmly responded by saying "that so it can get in the hard to reach area and make you feel good." Whether it was the pot, I don't know but my pussy was now very wet. Click Here to Reak More of This Hot Wife Story

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Hubby Humiliated by Young Hot Wife
When I was 25, I married Lana a 19 year old geeky beauty who had just inherited a large amount of money. She had very limited sexual experience before me so the fact that I could only last 4-5 minutes didn't faze her. I have always cum fairly quickly, even if I thought about other things. Early in our relationship, I could last 4-5 minutes most of the time and occasionally longer. Unfortunately, as I have aged the amount of time I can last has decreased. By the time I was 32 I could only last 1-2 minutes. It is really unfortunate because I have a fairly thick 8" cock but can't perform well.
To Read More of this Young Hot Wife Story Click Here

First Black Bull Erotic Story
Richard was a Black Dom that Dianna had been chatting with for some time on the Internet. She had always been hesitant about Doms because she didn't want to be Dominated by anyone. She would always say that she would be someones slut but she wouldn't be their sub because she didn't want anyone inside her head. It was fine line that she drew in terms of being a Hot Wife.
To Read More of Hot Wife's Dianna's First Black Bull Story Click Here

Cuckolded at the Strip Club Sex Story
While Melanie and I were on holiday, we decided to visit a strip bar after having a few drinks. The bar was full of young guys about 25-30 years old and there were a few dancers in there, in stockings etc and knee length boots. They were pole dancing and the guys were watching them rub themselves and get really wet. We stayed for a while, the place was quite dark inside and there was not much light. To Read More of Cuckolded at Strip Club Sex Story Click Here

Hot Wife Stays at the Club Alone Sex Story
A movie we watched the other day reminded me of this experience - one of the most memorial ones we have shared. Several years back we made a trip down to the coast for a few days of sun and surf. It was about a five-hour drive but we got there a little after noon and spent the better part of the afternoon on the beach, enjoying the sights and warm feeling that the surf can give you.
To Read More of Hot Wife Stays Alone Sex Story Click Here

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Tina becomes a Big Black Cock Slut Sex Story
(Tom and Tina's Story is a typical cuckold one. Tina was cheating on Tom and Tom finally confronted her and she denied it at first but later confessed. When she confessed her adultress ways Tom wanted was going to leave the marriage but somehow became turned on by her confessions. Tina and Tom began playing cuckold games with her going out and coming home telling Tom she had met someone. She would tease Tom about fucking some guy who picked her up in the bar, our story picks up on a weekend where they are going playing their game. To Read More of Big Black Cock Slut Tina's Sex Story Click Here

Locked and Cucked - Cuckold Sex Story
This is the story of my hot wife's recent date. I tried to describe the process of what a cuckold goes through emotionally and mentally. It is not a quick fuck and suck story. So if that is what you want move on to other posts. If you want to understand what this is about then read on and enjoy. “M” finished what she started Sunday night. After locking me up in my CB3K and assigning some tasks she decided to tease me about her date that evening. She laid in bed beside me naked and started fingering herself and began telling how much she was going to enjoy Jon’s big cock tonight.
To Read More of Cuckold gary's Sex Story Click Here

Cuckolded by New Bride's Past Sex Story
Can you imagine how it feels 2 months after your wedding to discover that you've married one of the biggest sluts in town? I didn't find out until she let me know that we were expecting our first child. "Darling, I have a confession to make and it's going to test if you really love me as much as you say you do." My hotwife said to me after dinner one night. To Read More of Hot Wife's Past Erotic Story Click Here

The New Guys Hot Wife Sex Story

This story wasn't planned it just happened. Three of my co-workers and myself were invited over to Ray a new guy's house for pizza and some cards last Friday. Ray was trying real hard to fit in with us but it's not happening to well. He is a nice guy, maybe too nice at times and seems as though he's never been one of the guys. He doesn't get half the jokes we tell and he turns all red when we rag on each other especially when we talk about the wives. When I say to Bill “last week was my turn to fuck your wife" Ray just doesn't get the humor in it. Anyway four of us decided what the fuck lets go over drink a little with this new guy and see what he's really like away from work. To Read More of This Hot Wife Sex Story Click Here

Hot Wife Vicki Needs More Sex Story
These words from my bride of six months cut through me like a knife, "Michael, I am sorry to have to say this, but I need to be fucked by a real man with a decent sized cock who can last more than two minutes. I am sick and tired of your tiny dick, and if we are going to stay together, you are going to have to accept being a cuckold in the future."

I always knew that I was smaller than other men, but I thought that she was happy with me.To give some background, I met Vicki just under a year ago at a party. She is 5' 5" tall, a pretty redhead with a figure men drool over. I fell for her the moment I saw her, and asked her to marry me within a month of our meeting. We did not have sex before our marriage, because to be honest, I was a little self conscious about the size of my cock, and did not want to lose her and Vicki seemed to enjoy that I was interested in her other then sexually. To Read More of Hot Wife's Vicki's Sex Story Click Here

Cheating HotWife Donna's Sex Story
Have you ever wondered what your wife gets up to when she is away at work? Does she come home later than expected, and rush upstairs to wash and change before you even have chance to exchange a few words? Does she avoid intimacy on the excuse that she had a tough day at the office? Does she wear inappropriate underwear for work? If all of this sounds familiar you should read on. To Read More of Cheating Wife's Donna Sex Story Click Here

hot wife sex story
Let me tell you what happened to me at work about a month ago. I'm self-employed and have a small office primarily for telephone soliciting. I have three women working for me. Two of them work on a part-time basis a couple days a week and the third works full-time as my secretary and assistant. Well this story is about my secretary, Linda.

Linda is a beautiful young lady of twenty-three years old. She really does not look that young. When she had told me her age I actually found it hard to believe. I've never seen such a gorgeous young woman before. To Read More of Cheating Wife's Linda's Sex Story Click Here

Soccer Mom Ann Gets Slutty Sex Story
I never believed anything like this could ever happen to me, but I'm here to tell you that everything here in happened just as it occurred six months ago. Just to set the stage and give you a little back ground, I'm a happily married woman for three years now, with a beautiful daughter and a husband who loves me!!! We aren't rich or anything, but my husband is a very junior corporate lawyer, so we're not hurting any, and by most standards we'd be considered upper middle class! At the time of the "incident", Pete and me, my name's Ann, had been totally faithful to each other! The honeymoon had definitely worn off, but our sex life was pretty good, and neither of us, well me for sure at least, never even thought about greener grass on the other side of the fence! Oh sure, if I saw an attractive man I might think what he might be like, you know, in the sack, but never more than a fleeting fantasy! To read more of Hot Wife Ann's Sex Story Click Here

My Wife Busted Me and Made Me a Cuckold Sex Story

Last night my wife Janet was out on the town with friends and wasn't due back until after midnight so I thought I would try a few new masturbation ideas and fantasies I had. I grabbed my wife's 7" rubber cock and lube. I have used this once before and love the way it felt. I have always had fantasies of having my wife use a strap on me.

I set up my video camera (not sure why) and proceeded to lube my ass up and slowly insert the large rubber cock. Once in it felt good and I started fucking it nice and fast. I was masturbating while bouncing up and down on the cock and I decided that I wanted to taste my cum. I propped myself up on the couch with my cock above my face. I still had the rubber cock buried in my ass and I jerked until I came. I had a cum built up for the last two weeks and I filled my open mouth and covered my whole face. Just as I was cumming my wife and three of her friends came through the front door. To read more of this hot wife sex story click here

The Seduction of Meredith Sex Story

Hello, my name is Daryl and I would like to tell you a true life story. I am a 32-year-old black man living in Chicago. I am what you would call a very handsome man, 6'2, 215, and muscular. White women always come on to me looking for what their husbands cannot do for them.

Some of my brotha friends were talking about hooking up with some women they met on yahoo. They told me they make up names that horny women want to chat with to learn about being with a black man. They told me that they have done this several times and that these women are hot and tight. They want and need to feel us brothas in their pussy and experience what we can give them. They said they have continued to meet with them and that some of these women have the blessing of their husbands. To Read More of this Hot Wife Sex Story Click Here

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