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Locked and Cucked

This is the story of my wife's recent date. I tried to describe the process of what a cuckold goes through emotionally and mentally. It is not a quick fuck and suck story. So if that is what you want move on to other posts. If you want to understand what this is about then read on and enjoy. “M” finished what she started Sunday night. After locking me up in my CB3K and assigning some tasks she decided to tease me about her date that evening. She laid in bed beside me naked and started fingering herself and began telling how much she was going to enjoy Jon’s big cock tonight. She told me too bad I had been a bad cucky boy or I might have been able to feel hot wet pussy before Jon does, but this would part of my punishment and I had been learn to get my priorities straight. I was being punished for thinking about my pleasure.

My dick began to strain in the CB as I watched her close her eyes and get herself into a frenzy. I knew she was thinking of him and how she would enjoy him tonight. For some reason it excited me watching her lying there moaning about another man while I felt so powerless over her. “M” ordered me on my knees between her legs and grabbed the CB and began rubbing it up and down her wet lips. It was all too much; my head was spinning as she thrust her hips into me. I could feel the heat from her pussy between the slits in the CB but I could not feel her. Talk about denial, but I loved it and she knew it. She knew exactly how to cuckold me and take me to the edge. She came a few times and motioned me off and told me to think about her hot pussy the rest of the day.

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Around 6:00pm she started teasing me again. She was to call Jon around 9:30pm on his cell. He was leaving Michigan by car late that afternoon and thought he would be checked into the Hilton by then. She informed me that I would be getting her ready soon to meet him. “M” wanted me to pick out her clothes. She wanted something sophisticated with a hint of sluttiness but nothing too over the top. She wanted to tease Jon and make him want her. She loves to flirt and tease.
“M” teased me for about a ½ an hour and then requested I shave her pussy before her shower. She wanted to be smooth and fresh for Jon. After shaving her I was ordered to make dinner and pick her clothes out while she showered. I made dinner and then picked out a thin black like bustier with a black blouse to cover it, black panties, black dress slacks and black garter. A nice pair of fuck me pumps and she approved of my choice. “M” thought she would leave the top open and tease him, as the bustier would push her breasts up high. I had intended for it to be covered.

We ate dinner and she thought she might reward me for being so attentive to her after my flogging the other evening. I asked her what that might be and she said she might unlock me and let me masturbate while she was gone but I was not to cum. I thanked her for being kind. I love getting myself into a cucky state of mind while she is out. She finished dinner and said I could unlock myself while she dried her hair and put on her make up. I eagerly accepted her kindness; my balls were beginning to ach for the teasing all day.

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After she finished her make up “M” came back into the bedroom to dress and I could not help myself as I stroked my cock watching her. God I wanted her but I knew I couldn’t have her until later if I was lucky. She looked so lovely and adoring, I always desired her so badly when she is with other man. I know it was just being part of a cuckold. We had this conversation many times as to why I desired her more when she dated other men. It use to bother me and at first I thought she had just accepted me for it but as time has gone on I know now she is as much a Cuckoldress as I am cuckold. She had cuckolded the other men in her life before me even before she knew what was called; of course the difference today is I know it and they didn’t. All I have done is to help her express who she really is and do what she really liked to do. “M” enjoys the excitement of other men. She always has and always will. She is not a one-lover kind of woman. She enjoys variety and the process of cuckolding. She loves the power, the flirting, the teasing, the dressing sexy and then eventually the man sexually. All the while keeping me on the edge until she is finished with him and then will have her way with me. I thought the unlocking was a good sign and maybe my punishment was over. She had threatened to spend the night with Jon but I didn’t think she would do that now. I didn’t dare ask though or I knew she might just to teach me a lesson. She smiled at me as I lay on the bed with my hard cock in hand watching her.

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She got on the computer to check her mail and I am sure for any messages from him, it was almost 9:30. She picked up her cell shortly afterwards and called him. I could see the expression on her face change as she talked to him. She was smiling and I heard the joy in her voice. Jon really excited her for some reason. I heard her ask him for his room number and said she would be there in 20 minutes. With that she stood up and walked into the living room ignoring me to get her coat. I jumped up to help her. She gave me a small peck on the lips and smiled at me (she never likes to mess up her lipstick) and said goodbye. I thought my punishment was over but now I wasn’t sure because of her aloofness when she left. I wasn’t sure if she would call me, I wasn’t sure if she would come home afterwards, I wasn’t sure if she would take pics, so I resigned myself to the bedroom to wait and watch the clock.

I knew “M” and though she was cool to me, she was hot for Jon. She fingered herself all day and kept telling me how she was going to fuck his big cock. He had offered to meet her earlier in the day for a drink, but she declined and told him to buy a bottle of wine and she would come to the room. She wasn’t interested in pleasantries and I could guess by the clock what she would be doing. It was 10 o’clock and she would be arriving at his door and he would take her coat off and his eyes would gaze upon her breasts in the bustier. I could only hope that he was pleased with my choice of dress for her. Strange, how we dress our wives wanting the other man to desire her.

She would kiss him at the door and he would invite her into the suit to the couch. He always had a suite and I knew from past meetings that they always started on the couch. He would pour her a glass of wine and she would sit sideways crossing her legs looking at him, teasing him. His prize had arrived in the form of another’s mans wife. He always liked the idea of fucking her while I waited at home. It must be a powerful feeling for the Bull to have a man’s wife be his slut while the husband waits with approval at home.

My cucky angst began to rise as it was 10:15 and I knew they would begin touching each other while finishing their glass of wine. She would not drink more then one glass, she was not there to socialize, she was there to get his cock. It’s funny how well I know her, I understand every part of her being, and I guess its part of being a cuckold from being so attentive to her every need. I see all the other men post in here and other forums how they desire their wives to take another man and they won’t. If the wife only knew how her husband would transform and she would become the center of his world they would all do it.

It was 10:30 now and I knew they would be in each other’s arms, dispensing with the wine glasses. I pounded my dick hard as I thought of her kissing and rubbing him with her long red nails. She is so proud of her nails and she loves to dig them into another mans skin. I tried to read some stuff on the net and chat but time was ticking a way. It was 10:45 and by now someone would be taking his or her clothes off. I figured it would be him as she loved to suck cock and she really enjoyed his big cock in her mouth. “M” has told me Jon is amazed at how she can deep throat him and I was sure she was taking his thick prick down her throat by now.

My desire and passion was growing and I was hoping it would not be a long lonely night. I was in cuckyland now and I would not be relieved until she came home. Cuckyland, that place between heaven and hell, the place where all the emotions begin to flood into the mind; lust, passion, jealousy, humiliation, desire and longing for your wife who is in the arms of another man. It is better then any orgasm, it is like a drug we crave. No other sexual experience can bring us here, only our Hot Wives. It’s hard to explain to thosewho wondered why we would do such things. One day after you have been cuckolded for “real” you realize the hold that is has on you and you can never go back. No other woman will excite like she does. A good pair of tit’s and a nice ass won't do it for you anymore. Something that once so simple as a boy is now so complicated as a man. Nothing will get you excited except the thrill of your wife with another man. She sexually dominates your mind at first and then your soul. Her power consumes you and soon you have given up all control to her. There is no turning back at this point. She can do whatever she chooses and you will accept it. She can cheat on you, she can fuck whoever she wants, she can make you suck his cock, lick his cum for her pussy, lock your pathetic dick up, it doesn’t matter, the more she does, the more you desire her. It is the ultimate Catch-22. She consumes you; the sluttier and nastier she is, the more you want her. Once in awhile remnants of your past manhood float into your mind and you begin to get in touch with your anger, but soon it turns to passion for her. If your fortunate and she still lets you fuck her, you will try and pound her well fucked pussy with your dick and passionate anger while calling her names while she lays there loving it. Then she looks you back into your eyes and says sternly, “yes, I am fucking nasty slut and I love it” and the moment of truth penetrates you soul. There is no turning back.

It was 10:55 and the phone rang and my heart jumped into my throat. It was “M” and she was breathing heavy. I heard his voice in the background saying your pussy is so wet. I wasn’t sure if he was fucking her or eating her but she obviously had cum. She spoke into the phone and said, “listen”. I heard slurping sounds and I knew she was sucking him. I could hear him saying to her you suck my cock so good Roxanne. I listened eagerly while pumping my dick. She was going to hang up when I heard his voice say just set the phone down. Later she told me she was in a chair in the bedroom setting as he was standing fucking her mouth. He lifted her legs and slid her to the edge of the chair and plunged his cock deep into her. All could I hear was her moan loudly as he entered her. “M” is a screamer and soon she was screaming for him to fuck her. I strained to listen, I could hear her clearly but his voice was a little muffled now. I thought I heard him call her slut and she screamed louder. "M" enjoys name-calling. All I could do was moan and wank my dick, as I knew a real cock was pounding her now.

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He must have moved closer to her because I heard his voice now and he was telling her to taste her juices on his cock. He must have pulled out of her cunt and shoved it in her mouth. He was nasty and I am sure she loved it. I heard some movement and muffled voices, later she told me he put her on her knees on the floor and fucked her from behind. I could hear her moaning in the background, as I knew she had moved further from the phone. I listened intently as I could still here the bitch getting fucked, man she was loud. I heard slapping sounds and her moaning loudly. He must have been spanking her ass as he slammed into her. Soon I heard loud moans and her screaming, “cum deep inside me”. The phone went silent for a few moments and then she picked it up and in an exhausted voice said, “I have to go”, and hung up. Man I was right the edge but I knew better. I began to wonder if she would come home, all I could do was wait and wonder and I don’t mean wander, I mean wonder! It had been awhile and she hadn’t called. She usually calls on her way home. “M” likes to finish them off and leave and then come home and exercise her power over me, but tonight she might stay to finish my punishment. I began to prepare myself and calm down for a long night.

I started reading some stuff and chatting again and feeling sad and excited at the same time. Part of me wanted her to stay the night, she had never done that before, but part of me wanted relief. Soon I heard the door unlocking and my heart jumped again as she made her way into the bedroom. Her hair was all messed up and clothes disheveled. She just gave me that evil look of hers as she started to peel her clothes off. As she stood there taking off her panties they were sticking to her crotch. He must have given her a large load. She got on the bed and began fingering herself as she motioned for me.
I knew what she wanted. He might have been the main course for the night but I was going to be dessert. Nothing excites her more then me licking her pussy after a nice cock has used it. I leaned over to kiss her and I could taste the wine and his cock on her breath and smell his scent on her face. His cologne invaded my nostrils and she was getting herself all worked up. She was still cuckolding me with his smell. She didn’t have to say anything more, I knew what she wanted and I knew it was duty. I got between her legs as she fingered her clit furiously. She started cumming again before my lips even touched her. I could see some dry cum on the sides of her pussy and as she came she pushed a little bit of his cum out of her hole. I licked it up like a madman possessed. She possessed me and I gave her all of me through my tongue.
“M” grabbed my head and just fucked my face like a slut and I could hear her saying sternly, “you like that don’t you”. She can be so fucking evil. It didn’t matter if I did or not, she liked it and she was going to have her way. This was a real woman and she was not scared of her sexuality. She went where most women are scared to go inside themselves. She knew the depths of desire, passion, lust and shear fucking nastiness and she embraced it. Even her Bulls know that they can’t have her exclusively. The few who have tried have been dropped like a hot potato.

After my face was soaked she let go of my head and I got between her legs. I stuck my dick inside her well-used cunt. It was so hot and wet. I love feeling her after she has been fucked. I pumped her well-stretched pussy with my dick but I knew it wasn’t anything near what she just had. I rolled off and finished myself off with my hand as she lay beside me. It was so fucking intense I could barely get off the bed to clean myself. Once I returned to the bed she snuggled up to me and told me how much she loved me and went to sleep. I felt content in her love.

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