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Cuckolded at a Strip Club

While Melanie and I were on holiday, we decided to visit a strip bar after having a few drinks. The bar was full of young guys about 25-30 years old and there were a few dancers in there, in stockings etc and knee length boots. They were pole dancing and the guys were watching them rub themselves and get really wet. We stayed for a while, the place was quite dark inside and there was not much light.

The manager came on stage and asked for volunteers to go up and have a go and I dared Melanie to try it. The top prize was about 500 Dollars so she spoke to him and he told her there was loads of stuff to wear in the changing rooms. Melanie had always been an exhibitionist. I went through with her to the back and into the changing room. There was lots of sexy underwear and her favourite (and mine) PVC gear. Melanie enjoys me being her cuckyboy. There was a really sexy white PVC nurses outfit with a little white hat and a little red cross on it and cream silk stockings and a pair of white PVC thigh high boots. She choose this and a pair of white elbow length PVC gloves and put them on.

She looked fantastic with her hair bobbed really high. The outfit barely covered her lovely bum and it was really tight, showing off her gorgeous body. There was also a make up girl and she put some more lipstick on her and some more make-up. She looked really tarty. I gave her a big kiss and gently rubbed her pussy underneath the fabric and played with her nipples. She bent over from behind and said warm me up cuckyboy. I slid my tongue into her already soaking pussy. It was obvious the thought of teasing all these men was have an affect on her. She stopped me and headed for the stage. It was still really dark and nobody had seen her yet. The girl that was on was being really dirty and trying to impress the crowd.
Nobody knew she was married to me and I went and sat down near the front to watch her come on. A minute later she tottered onto the stage in her white boots. They were quite high and it took a couple of seconds to get used to them and start dancing. She looked fantastic and the crowd was really impressed. She rubbed herself up and down the pole and moved in time to the music, dancing like she did for me. Everybody could see her pussy showing and her nipples were poking through the tight PVC top. The guys were getting really turned on and some had their cocks out wanking over her. She was getting really warmed up now and playing to the crowd, walking up and down the stage inches from them and bending down so they could see her pussy and exposed asshole. Her pussy was soaking and dipping a couple of fingers in at a time she rubbed her clit and bum hole slowly, looking at the guys and licking her lips. Some were right at the front and were trying to touch her. Melanie wanked a couple of them quickly to tease them. One of the bouncers on the stage pushed them away but she nodded at them as if to say it was okay. She let a couple of guys rub her pussy and a couple even got to finger her quickly before she moved on. Next thing the manager came on and stopped it all and introduced the next girl who started trying to dance like Melanie but was nowhere near as good and the men weren’t happy.

I thought it was all over and waited for her to get changed but I saw the manager talking to Melanie in the corner of the stage just out of sight. I didn’t think anything of it and just watched the show. After five minutes, the girl walked off and the manager came back on. He introduced the next act and said it was a live sex show. Seconds later, Melanie walked on, still wearing her PVC outfit but a bit higher now and her nipples were exposed. She was leading two well built, tanned and good looking guys by the hand. I caught her eye and mouthed,

” What are you up to?”

I couldn’t hear her though and I don’t think she heard me as the men were all cheering. Melanie just smiled at me. The two guys were naked and she was holding their hard cocks, wrapping her gloved fingers round them. It hit at this point that the manager was arranging this with her when I spotted her before. The one in front of her was kissing her and then he unzipped her top slowly, exposing her tits for all the men to see. I couldn’t believe it and felt really jealous but was so turned on by the sight of her enjoying yourself. Nobody knew she was my wife and they all thought I was just another guy in the bar. That eased my cucky angst a bit.

The one in front squeezed her nipples and pulled them roughly and played with her tits. The one behind lifted up her dress and started fingering her pussy from behind. I could see her moaning a bit and could see her eyes closed. The male model in front took her hand and placed it on his cock and I could see her start to play with him again squeezing his cock-end to get it wet. He was soaking wet already. He was still kissing her and this made me mad. The one behind took his cock and put it against Melanie’s pussy, rubbing the head of it against her wet lips. The one in front pulled her pussy lips apart exposing the wetness inside. The guy behind slid into her in one push and I could almost hear her gasp as he put his thick cock into her.
Looking back over her shoulder she watched him pump her slowly from behind. The one in front pushed her mouth onto his dick and she sucked it hungrily, licking the shaft up and down and playing to the audience, acting like a porn star. Whenever she walked round she leaned over exposing her bum and posing in her outfit. This lasted about five minutes and then she got onto the floor on her hands and knees to let them make love to her. They swapped over and took it in turns to fuck her mouth and pussy, rubbing their hard pricks over her face and neck. They used her like a tart and she was loving it, letting them squeeze her breasts and finger her asshole. I was so horny watching her being pleasured by these models. They were quite muscley and picked her up and moved her round like she weighed nothing at all. Lifting her on to a low table, they put her on her back.

The one whose cock she was sucking made her lift up her legs and pinned her down on the table and started to thrust his dick in and out of her. Wrapping her PVC clad legs around his back and pulling him really tight into her, he fucked her hard, banging her pussy. She was really getting fucked and they took it in turns to use her. One of the guys stood by her head and pulled her over a bit and wanked his stiff cock into her mouth. She was only about 10 feet away and I could see her bright red lips stretch around his prick. They lifted her again and put her on the floor. One got down and lay on his back. The other lowered my wife down onto him and she smiled at me, obviously enjoying it all. Melanie then knelt over him and slid up and down his stiff cock, almost until the head of his cock was exposed. Controlling him, tightening her pussy and leaning back making a big show of rubbing her tits. They swapped around again and the guy behind her licked her asshole making her squirm with pleasure. He probed her bumhole with his finger and she leant forward to give him easier access to it. I then saw him take his thick cock and push it against her asshole. It wasn’t going in easily so he made her a bit wetter and tried to slide into her. She panicked a bit as he forced himself into her. All of a sudden it popped in and she screamed loudly. He took it really slowly building up a rhythm and I could see her start to really enjoy it. I couldn’t believe she was taking two cocks at once and I didn’t think she could either. The two built up speed and fucked her really fast and hard, one pulling out and the other pushing into her. She kept orgasming but they still banged her. Her tits were hanging out at the front exposed for all to see and the one below her licked and sucked her stiff nipples. The guy who was in her asshole pulled her hair and held her neck tightly so she couldn’t breathe. This made her even hornier and she twisted round a bit and let him kiss her hard. The two speeded up and thrust in and out of her really fast until the male behind her pulled out and shot his cum all over her back and over her PVC boots. The one below pushed her off quickly as he was about to come and held her mouth over his big cock. She took it all in and wanked him as fast as she could into her mouth and over her lips until he spurted jets of cum over her face and tits. There was loads of it and it ran down off her red lips and onto her nipples and started rubbing it in satisfied and smiling. All the men in the club were cumming and one or two managed to get really close to the stage and some of it landed on her back and PVC dress.


hot wife

The manager came back on and the two guys carried her off the stage. The manager came over to my table and said your wife wants you back in the dressing room. I walked in and she the cum was beginning to dry and she said, ”get your ass over here and clean me up”. I scurried to her and she grabbed my face and pulled it ot her cum soaked chin and said lick it off me. I opened my mouth and begin licking the gobs of half dried cum from her chin and lips. Melanie began to cum again as she enjoys humiliating me. Soon she had pushed me to my knees and shoved her well fucked pussy into my face and was grinding her hips into my face like a wild woman. She began to sqiurt into my mouth and shook violently as I thought I was going to drown. Finally she let go of my hair and look down at me and began laughing at the site of my drenched face. She smiled and said I will reward your cuckyboy, you may take your little dick out and jackoff on my boots. I eagerly pulled my dick out and in no time came all over her boots. As usual I had to clean up my mess by licking my cum and some their dried cum off of her boots. I was in heaven.

hot wife

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