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Tina's Awakening

(Tom and Tina's Story is a typical cuckold one. Tina was cheating on Tom and Tom finally confronted her and she denied it at first but later confessed. When she confessed her adultress ways Tom wanted was going to leave the marriage but somehow became turned on by her confessions. Tina and Tom began playing cuckold games with her going out and coming home telling Tom she had met someone. She would tease Tom about fucking some guy who picked her up in the bar, our story picks up on a weekend where they are going playing their game)
Tina has been going out every weekend and we have been playing the game. When she comes home she tells me about some guy who picked her up and how they fucked like crazy. It's been fun and she has been getting more verbal.
Something happened this weekend. She went out to the Holliday Inn lounge with a girl friend. Same routine, I helped her get dressed and she told me if I was a good boy she might bring something home for me. She usually gets home about 1:00am but this Saturday night at 1:00am, no Tina. I began to get nervous and excited at the same time; my mind was racing with what she might be doing. Finally around 3:30am she got home.
When she came into the bedroom her clothes and hair were messed up and she looked tired and had been drinking. Usually she comes in and begins teasing me but this time she looked away and took her clothes off. She got into bed and I began kissing her and I thought I smelled cologne and cigarettes on her. She tasted like alcohol and what now I suspect was cock breath.
When I asked her what happened at first she seemed hesitant but I kept rubbing my hard dick on the side of her leg as she laid there. She asked me if I was sure I wanted to hear about her night and I eagerly said yes. I don't know what was going on with me but my head was spinning.
Tina said she was sipping her drink while Tammi was dancing when a nice looking black man approached her to dance. She said he was handsome and she accepted. After the first song stopped a slow song began and he just grabbed her and pulled her tightly to him. She said she was a little shocked at first but she liked his aggressiveness. As they danced she could feel his hands begin roaming her body and she could feel his cock growing against her in his pants. Tina said she began to get excited and reciprocated his advances.
Afterwards they went to the table and had a few drinks and chatted. His name was Mark and he worked for an advertising agency. Tammi disappeared with some guy. Mark asked her if she wanted to go another club and she accepted. He took her to a black dance club. Tina said the atmosphere was completely different and at first she felt a little uncomfortable. She said there were a few other white women there with black men but most of the women were black.
Mark and her danced and it was much more sexual then the Holliday Inn. She said the atmosphere seemed more open and free. Women were rubbing against guys and dressed much sexier. After a few dances Mark and she sat at a booth in the corner where he began making out with her. He told her to take her panties off and she said for some strange reason she wanted to obey him. She got up to go to the restroom to do it and he said, "no do it here at the table". She sat back down and tried to subtly slide them off under her skirt but she could see other black men watching her. When she got them off Mark just plowed his finger into her pussy and began finger fucking her right in the booth. He grabbed her hand and placed it on his crotch where she said she felt one of the biggest cocks she had ever felt. After awhile Mark just grabbed her hand and said lets go and they left and went to his place.



Once inside he made her get down on her knees and told her to take out what she wanted. She unzipped his pants and took out his huge cock. When I asked her how big it was she said she wasn't sure but it was thickest cock she had ever seen. She said she started slowly when he grabbed her head and forced her to take as much as she could. She said he forced it until she would gag and he would ease up a little and then forced it back into her throat. Tina said he was nasty and kept telling her to her to "suck it bitch". I suddenly began to feel sick to my stomach. This silly game had put my wife with a dangerous man, I was feeling guilty. At first I thought this was just another fantasy story but somehow I knew this was real. I asked her if she ok. She smiled at me and said yes, which puzzled me. She began gyrating her pussy on my hand again and asked me if I wanted to hear the rest. I began fingering her and said yes. Tina said the first few times he gagged her she felt uncomfortable and wondered if she made a mistake coming there. He kept telling her to relax and to take it. She said she thought to herself she was there and she might as well try to enjoy it so she did and took more of him down her throat. After awhile she began to get excited and he told her to finger herself while she sucked him off. She said at one point she was cumming and he gagged her and it just made it more intense.

He took her into the bedroom and put onto the bed and just rammed his cock deep inside her. She said it hurt at first but he kept telling her to relax and take it. Once he was deep in her and she relaxed she said she just started cumming over and over. She had never experienced anything like it and just became lost in the moment. She doesn't know how long he fucked her but said it seemed like forever when he finally tightened up and came inside her. Thank god she is on birth control.

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Afterwards, he called a cab for her and helped her get dressed and gave her his phone number and told her if she wanted more to call him. I laid there feeling so tormented, part of me was so excited and yet part of me was in fear of him, diseases, and my wife leaving me. She pulled me on top of her and told me to feel her pussy. My dick felt like it was swimming in an endless pit. I could barely feel her pussy and she just kind of laid there, I'm sure barley feeling me. The thought of his huge cock being buried in my wife's pussy made me cum immediately. I rolled off and she kissed me and went to sleep. I laid there tormented for a long time before I fell asleep.
The next morning she seemed very contented and happy. She was very loving toward me. I was nervous as hell and not sure what to say. Finally about mid-day I asked her if she was going to call him again. She looked at me and said "maybe".
I'm nervous as hell now. When it was fantasy in my mind I was ok with it but I know its real now and I'm scared. I'm scared of losing my wife, I'm scared of what he might do to her, I just can't seem to calm down. Next Story


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