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This Last Weekend I Got Fucked

This last weekend, my husband and I met with a person we'd chatted with on-line. I was apprehensive at first, not having seen a picture first. He turned out to be "so-so" looking, nothing great; I actually think my husband is better looking. But he was physically bigger, taller and more aggressive. Which is something I'm attracted to. I prefer Dominate men.
We met at a local bar and after a few drinks I was convinced I wanted to fuck him. We had a drink when we got home and Dave wasted no time. He stood up and positioned himself in front of me as I was sitting on our couch. He undid his pants and out flop a very large cock. Even soft, it was bigger than my husband's. I'm sure I was blushing as he took my hand and guided it onto the shaft. As I told him that it was big, he told me that it will get even bigger if I lick the head. He was right. I was amazed at how big the circumcised head got. I was in awe and told him again "God, it's so big". He just calmly responded by saying "that so it can get in the hard to reach area and make you feel good." Whether it was the pot, I don't know but my pussy was now very wet.

Dave began pulling my titties out of my bra and playing with my nipples. I was a little nervous to look over at my husband, what would he think? When I did, I was surprised to see him massaging his penis. It looked much smaller than Dave's but it was as hard as I've ever seen it.

I could tell that Dave was getting close to coming. He did too as he told me to turn around and lean over the couch. I cooperated fully, enjoying having him lift my skirt and pull my panties down. My husband got up from across the room to get closer. I could feel that Dave was rubbing the head of his cock in and around the crack of my butt.

Without really asking, he just said "I'm gonna put the head in." I couldn't believe what was happening, I didn't say anything, I just looked over my shoulder. I noticed Dave looking at my husband, Dick. When Dick didn't say anything, nothing at all, Dave shoved it into me all the way. He held onto my hips and held me in that position as he kept his cock buried deep inside me. I began to feel the warm cum as he began to unload in me. My pussy started to twitch as I felt his cum flooding my inside walls. Soon my grip on the monster inside me tightened and I let began screaming out loud,”Oh My God, Oh Fuck”! I came like I had never orgasmed like that in my life.

It was surreal as I watched Dick begin to jerk his little cock and spray all over the floor. With Dave's big cock still inside me, I too succumbed to what had just happened. My body started to shake and I began to cumming all over again gripping his big cock. To say I was embarrassed was an understatement. Later, after my husband saw Dave out the door and we went upstairs to our bedroom, I could tell he was a bit shy too. I felt pretty slutty, but my husband had just allowed this stud to fuck me with his big cock. We finally looked at each other and went to bed knowing some other guy's cum up is still my cunt.



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