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My Wife Busted Me With Her Toy in My Ass

Last night my wife Janet was out on the town with friends and wasn't due back until after midnight so I thought I would try a few new masturbation ideas and fantasies I had. I grabbed my wife's 7" rubber cock and lube. I have used this once before and love the way it felt. I have always had fantasies of having my wife use a strap on me.

I set up my video camera (not sure why) and proceeded to lube my ass up and slowly insert the large rubber cock. Once in it felt good and I started fucking it nice and fast. I was masturbating while bouncing up and down on the cock and I decided that I wanted to taste my cum. I propped myself up on the couch with my cock above my face. I still had the rubber cock buried in my ass and I jerked until I came. I had a cum built up for the last two weeks and I filled my open mouth and covered my whole face. Just as I was cumming my wife and three of her friends came through the front door.

They all gasped and my wife recovered quickly and called me a string of curses and started laughing at my cum covered face. Her friends also started laughing and started calling me gay boy and cum guzzler. I was embarrassed and my wife noticed that. She grabbed the video camera and told me to clean myself up. I started to grab a towel and she said "No, I want to see you eat all the cum on your face". I did as I was told reluctantly because by now the desire to eat the remaining cum had gone away. I then pulled the dildo out of my ass with a plop and they all laughed.

All the girls were in shock and my wife told me to go and fix them all drinks. From now on I was to be their slave. They had me serve them drinks, clean up the house, massage their feet and make them a snack. I begged to have them let me go clean up but my wife wanted me to keep the dried cum on my face as a reminder of what I had done wrong.

As the girls were leaving she gave the videotape to one of her friends to safe guard and made sure I knew that I was her and her friend's complete slave and I was to do whatever they wanted. If I didn't, I would be divorced and everyone I knew would see the video.

After I cleaned up everything, I was told that I would be sleeping on the couch.



The next day, I made breakfast, gave my wife a massage and went to do grocery shopping. After I got back from the store she had me give foot massages to the neighbors (both the husband and the wife) while they chatted away.

After they left she told me to go get cleaned up because she wanted to film my performance again tonight.

I said, "What performance?" and she told me that she had eight people coming over for dinner that I was serving and I was the after dinner performance. I begged her no but she told me that I brought this on myself.

I cleaned up and started cooking dinner and she had me nude except for an apron. She told me that when I answered the door that I had to be hard to add to my humiliation. The first to arrive was three of her friends from the night before, then her sister arrived with a friend and then her mother arrived. I just about passed out from embarrassment. Her mom laughed at me and told me I was going to get what I deserved.

The last people to arrive were the neighbors from earlier and another man they brought with them. They introduced him to Janet and they kissed. I served the dinner and wine but was not allowed to eat. They went to the living room after dinner and I served them drinks and cleaned up the dishes while they talked. My wife was openly kissing and nibbling on the man she was set up with.

I came out to the living room and took off the apron as instructed. I was beet red in the face but it just made them laugh more. My wife gave our neighbor the camera to videotape me while she put her suction cup dildo on the mirror on the wall.

They made me suck it and then lube it up. Then I backed up to it and slowly had it enter my ass. They were calling me names, laughing and egging me on while I fucked the dildo faster and faster. My hard cock was bouncing underneath and leaking precum. The neighbor noticed while taping and I was told to wipe it with my finger and lick it clean. I fucked the dildo for what must've been half an hour while they talked amongst themselves acting like I wasn't there. My ass was getting very sore.



I was then told to pull off of the dildo and I felt a huge sense of relief. My wife then had me move the dildo up higher on the wall and then to prop myself up against the wall with my cock over my face. My wife then came over and bent the dildo down and into my overused ass. She then told me to fuck upwards against it while I jacked myself off. She warned me not to cum until told. I was fucking the dildo while jacking off and it wouldn't take much to cum. I had to keep stopping to keep from cumming. After 10-15 minutes she told me to cum in my open mouth and face. They all gathered around closer to watch me humiliate myself. I came in seconds and it was a huge load. I filled my mouth and swallowed while cum was splattering my face, my hair and the floor.

She then had me stand up and pose for the camera with my cum covered face. I was then told to use my fingers to push all the cum into my mouth and swallow. I also licked up the cum splatters from the floor and almost gagged as they laughed.

Slowly all the guests left except for Paul who was the man my wife was with all night. She told me I was sleeping on the couch while she was fucked hard by Paul all night long. For the next couple of hours I heard the squeaking bed and moans from what used to be our bedroom. At one point I snuck down the hallway and the door was cracked opened, I am sure intentionally by my wife so I could hear them. I peaked in and there was my wife on top just grinding the fuck out of Paul’s cock. My wife would never ride me. As she grinded I could his hands grip her ass and he was grinding back and they both began screaming out loud. I could not believe my wife was letting this man cum inside her. I always had to wear a rubber. She laid on top of him and they kissed intimately. I knew at that moment my life was over as I knew it. I was sad and excited at the same moment. I crept back to my couch and masturbate with the image of my wife and her lover burned into my mind.

The next morning they were at it again as I made their breakfast. I served it in bed as she informed me that Paul would spend the night a couple of nights a week and I was only allowed to cum in front of her or her friends at their command.

There will be more to come...


hot wife story

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