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I was busy playing a card game when they drove up to a local coffee shop that we hung out at: Ana, Damien, and my sweet Mia. I was a bit too engrossed in my game to notice the mischief in their eyes. Ana dropped hints about how her and her husband Justinwere cold and wanted to go back to their house and change into something more comfortable and asked if I wanted to go with them since Mia was joining them… I was, as always, oblivious to their double talk. She told me to call her before I left so that I wouldn't have to walk to her apartment in the cold. It wasn't that far away, and I told her that I would have no trouble walking if need be. I desperately tried to loose my game fast. But as the others in the game realized that it was what I was trying to do they kept me barely alive. One of the players took pity on me eventually and killed me off… Though as I was getting ready to leave, my boy arrived and pulled me aside. "I want to see it," he whispered in my ear.

"Not here," I told him and pulled him off into a bathroom around the corner. "I can do more than show you here, hun."

"Is that a fact?" He grinned wolfishly, and took down my pants to admire my new closely trimmed snatch.

His eyes lit up as he ran his fingers over the smooth scarce hairs. I knew it would please him. He made a comment to Mia about how if he wanted to floss he would invest in the dental variety. Now, my boy got me so wet just looking at me and barely grazing my mound that I pulled away and laid myself on display over the sinks and begged him to fuck me right there. He pulled on a condom and slowly pushed his eight inches home. My God, it felt so good. I could feel him in my toes. I lay there with my soapy cheek beside the sink, with him pounding into me, I thought of Mia. I just pushed him out of my mind when my boy blew his load. That's it? I thought to myself disappointedly. Well, we can only wish for better.


I told him I had to be off and started walking. I figured it would be better to call Ana before I got to her house and opened my cell to her number.

"Hello?" A slightly strained and muffled Ana answered.

"Ana, Its me, I am on my way. Is the offer still good or would you prefer me to walk, as I am already on my way."

"Um. I am a little…. Tied up at the moment. I think maybe I will see you when you get here."

"Ah, I see." Even though, I did not. "Well, have them work you back up in time for my arrival." I told her teasingly…

I arrived at the apartment not five minutes later. I heard muffled voices from the bedroom window. I rang the doorbell and Mia answered. "Wait here, just a moment." He said as he began to close the door.

"Oh! Just let me wait inside will you, its cold out here." I said crossly. I didn't walk over to be left out doors, really now.

He let me in and as he walked past the bedroom door he closed it before I could take a peek in.

"Just wait here," he told me.

And I waited…

And waited, and waited.

He came out with Justin holding silk scarves. "Relax," Mia told me as he blindfolded me and tied my hands together above my head. I knew this was spur of the moment for the silk scarves were a bit tattered as if someone had hastily torn them smaller to accommodate more than one Victim.

They then laid me back against the cushions on the couch. Hands left me and I heard Ana being brought in. "Ana?" I called.

"Yeah? I'm blindfolded and tied up, I can't see you."

"Me too," I said to her.

"Quiet!" one of the boys growled.

I hushed, not knowing what was to happen next and relishing every minute.

I felt hands open my shirt and soft feathers swish over sensitive skin. Cool air followed where the feathers left off. My nipples never felt so hard. Fingers and feathers brushed over the skin on my bare arms, across my neck and down my belly and avoided the place where moisture was collecting at an alarming rate. I felt them again at my feet, slowly tracing their way up my legs, stalling at my knees to attack a weak point. Traveling up soon after and again, carefully avoiding the center of my desire. Time seamed to stand still. My world consisted of tantalizing feathers and feather like touches. I lost track of who was touching me, even though, their touch was as different as night to day.

One soon brushed against my center with delicate precision. Making my desire mount to a height I never knew possible, then left it alone. Only to come back again and caress my moistness, then to bare me and feather touch my clit. It was supreme torture. They paused in their treatment and I could smell the smoke of a freshly lit cigarette. They were making us wait. I could finally hear Ana's heavy breathing. She was getting it just as bad as me, if not worse, she is a lot more sensitive than me.

I new the break was over when I felt hands on my knees opening me wider. I felt the hands a bit more strong on my clit bringing me up, and up, and up. I felt I could take it no more and still they teased me. Pleasure was filling me to every pore as my cries filled the room, melding with Ana's. A harmonious symphony of ecstasy. I broke and my orgasm shattered through me, my cries were alto to Ana's soprano. I could feel the orgasm from my curling toes to my upturned and moaning face.

My shorts were pushed aside and I was taken with a careful brutality. I knew not who took me but that they were taking me well. It was over all too soon. Such an affliction, but what can you say after you had an orgasm like mine. I was spent. Bound and Blindfolded I slept.

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