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Mistress Monique

The phone rang, waking me from a deep sleep. "Hello", I mumbled – half tempted to curse the caller on the other end of the line. Looking over at the clock, I saw that it was 1 AM and I had just barely gotten an hour and a half of sleep.
"Wake up, pet – and be up here in a half hour. I want you wearing that thong pouch that I bought you and nothing else when you get here. I expect to find that plug is still in your ass and you had better be clean! Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am" I responded, in a more awake voice.

My Mistress Monique lived in the same high-rise apartment building , just 7 floors above me. It was quite convenient that She had found me this apartment, though. Especially given Her recent tendency toward calling me at Her whim to come to Her to perform some service or another. I began wondering what Her needs were at this hour.

The thing is, I had just left Her apartment less than two hours ago. She had spent several hours using me in Her playroom. After I had made sure that She had gotten all of the pleasure that She had needed this evening, She commanded me to get on my hands and knees and inserted a "medium" sized plug in my ass. She had teased me with it before sticking it in me – having me lubricate it in my mouth. I'd guess that it was about 4" long and about an inch and a half at it's widest. I winced and cried out a little as She pushed it deep into me – I guess that I didn't lube it as well as I should have. As She sent me out the door, She told me to keep it in there because in the future I'd be happy that my ass was properly trained.

I quickly showered, with only enough time for a quick lather and a careful once over with the razor over my pubic stubble. Mistress required that I keep my cock clean shaven so that She wouldn't have to worry about any of my dirty hairs in case She wanted to let me put my cock in Her mouth. She had scolded me earlier in the evening for not being smooth. I didn't need that punishment again.

I pulled the thong pouch over my hips and threw on a pair of nylon running pants, a t-shirt, and running shoes. Grabbing my keys, I bolted out the door and up the 7 flights of steps to Her apartment. I let myself in and slipped into the bathroom down the hall to remove my shirt, pants and shoes. I reached back to adjust the plug in my ass and then walked across the hall to Her playroom. I let myself in, went to my spot, kneeled down with my back to the door. I placed my hands behind my back and looked toward the floor as I had been taught while I waited for her entrance. I had made it with 2 minutes to spare.

"What a good pet!" Mistress Monique exclaimed as She entered the playroom shortly after I took my place. I could tell from the sound of the footsteps behind me that Mistress Monique had a visitor with her. Mistress Monique continued talking, but not addressing me. "Tonight, I will show you the value of having a well trained slutboy. I'm sure that You will find that they can be quite useful." She raked her fingernails up my spine as she spoke, her touch sending a shiver through my body and causing my cock to twitch in it's pouch.

Mistress walked around so that she was in front of me and I could see from the pair of legs that accompanied Her that Her companion was female. She then introduced me, in a way – "pet, this is Miss Cheryl. I am training her to be a Domme. I wanted her to meet you so that she could see the product of consistent discipline on a serving man." A small smile spread over my lips at her compliment.

Mistress went on to explain to Her student. "pet here has been under my direction for several months. In the beginning, he was somewhat resistant to My dominance, but he came to learn that I fairly reward his good behavior as well as sternly punish him when he drifts. When I felt that he was sufficiently trained, I rented him an apartment in this building so that he could be here quickly whenever I desired. My point is, that with consistent guidance, You can develop a willing slut boy for your own enjoyment. Now, let me begin with the demonstration."

I heard Her walk across the room toward her toy cabinet and heard her remove a number of items from the cabinet and place them on the table beside the couch. She then returned to where I was kneeling and stood in front of me. She carefully slid a black leather hood over my head which covered my eyes, but only came as low as the tip of my nose, allowing me to breathe easily and keeping my mouth and jaw unrestricted. Mistress hadn't used the hood since I had moved into the apartment, so I was wondering what was going on.

She left me for a moment and I heard the sound of Velcro being pressed together once, and then another time a few minutes later. In the time that passed between the Velcro sounds, I heard Mistress explain to Miss Cheryl that she found that in the beginning of my training it was better for me if I could not see what was going on around me because I was less resistant to Her if I did not know what to expect. The blindfold also provided Her with additional control because it deprived me of seeing what was coming next.

I then felt Mistress wrapping a wide belt around my waist and buckling it behind me. Next, she wrapped my collar around my neck and buckled it, then I heard the familiar metallic sound of the leash as she clipped it on to the collar. Mistress swatted my ass once with her crop and commanded, "Come pet, we're going for a walk." I lowered my hands to the floor and crawled forward as She led me.

Her next command was "Sit pet!" and I responded by lowering my ass to my heels and lifting my hands from the floor so that I was in a kneeling position, but sitting on my calves. Mistress explained, "This is a good training drill for a new submissive in training. By teaching Your pet to respond to Your basic commands, You condition him to obey. Eventually, he learns that no matter what it is that You tell him, he must comply. Let me show You."

"Pet, I want you to clean Miss Cheryl's toes – She is standing right in front of you." I lowered my hands to the floor and slid them forward until I felt the soft skin of Miss Cheryl's foot. Leaning forward, I lowered my face to my hands and began licking the top of Miss Cheryl's foot to her toes. Miss Cheryl graciously assisted by shifting her weight and lifting her foot off of the ground. I cupped her heel in one hand and placed the other hand under her foot and began licking and sucking on her toes as I had been instructed.

After finishing all of the toes on that foot, Mistress said "Thank you, pet – you have done quite well." I heard Miss Cheryl say that I had been trained well and that I had truly had a talented tongue.

Mistress responded, "Indeed he does have a talented tongue. It has taken some time but I have trained him to properly lick my pussy. Now I'm training him to be able to take my strap-on in his ass."



Hearing that, I shuddered for a second. I was beginning to understand why she wanted me to keep that plug in my ass. She then commanded, "Pet, get up on your hands and knees so that I can show Miss Cheryl your ass." With that, she gave me another swat with her crop across my ass cheeks. I quickly complied. Mistress stood behind me and grabbed the waist band of my thong and pulled it over my hips, removing what little fabric covered my ass. She tugged a little at the base of my plug, pulling it out a bit just so that the widest part passed through my dark hole and then pushed it back in. My cock throbbed, partly in response and partly in anticipation of what might come.

Mistress continued, "I brought my pet up tonight for two reasons – one is to show you how well he has done in his training so far, and the second is to continue his training." As she spoke, it sounded like Mistress was fastening a buckle and I imagined that she was putting her harness on. She then bent over me and removed the plug from my ass. As She pulled it out, I could feel my cock throb and leak a droplet of pre-cum. Mistress immediately checked my cock and found that I had dripped on to the floor. I soon felt another sting of her crop. "Now, lick up your mess!" She commanded and I backed up and lowered my face to the floor, sniffing around to find my mess and then licking the floor to clean it.

"That's a good pet" she said and again directed me to sit. "Now, raise your hands" She commanded. I soon felt my wrists being pulled forward and surrounded by leather cuffs that were Velcro'd closed. I felt my forearms brush against a woman's thighs and I could tell that they weren't Mistresses. Mistress then pulled back on my collar, directing me to walk backward on my knees, while Miss Cheryl followed. Mistress moved us toward the back side of the couch and positioned us so that Miss Cheryl's ass was resting on the back of the soft leather. She motioned for Miss Cheryl to climb up on to the back of the couch.

Being bound at the wrists to Miss Cheryl's thighs, my body was pulled against the back of the couch. Mistress swatted my ass again and commanded "Slut boy, show Miss Cheryl how good you are at licking pussy." This, of course, was one of my favorite commands. I pressed my forearms apart, opening Miss Cheryl's thighs, and brought my face toward her scent. My tongue parted Miss Cheryl's lips and I pushed it deep inside of her, feeling her velvety walls pressing against it. After several slow thrusts with my tongue, I pulled back and licked slowly from her ass to her clit and then took her clit between my lips and sucked. A low moan escaped from Miss Cheryl's throat.

Just then, I felt Mistress standing behind me and felt her push Miss Cheryl backwards. Miss Cheryl's body fell off of the back of the couch and down on to the cushions, pulling me over the back of the couch with her. We ended up with me bent over the couch with my ass in the air and Miss Cheryl with her back on the couch cushions and her legs draped over the couch back. Mistress explained, "Cheryl, part of being a great Domme is understanding what it is to be submissive." I heard Her step around the couch and felt Her straddling Miss Cheryl's face. "I want you to suck My strap-on and get it ready for My pet's ass." "Pet, the better you suck her pussy, the better she'll get My cock ready for you."

With that, I continued sucking Miss Cheryl's clit…then nibbled it gently between my teeth. I could hear her moaning as I licked her and slurping on the cock. After a few minutes, Mistress pulled Her cock from Miss Cheryl's mouth and walked behind me. As she passed the table, she picked something up. I then felt a slow, steady stream of liquid running between my ass cheeks. My mouth was moving over Miss Cheryl's pussy – I didn't need to be told to continue this, I enjoyed it so much. I felt Mistresses finger pushing into my ass, making sure that I was sufficiently lubed.


Soon after, she pulled her finger out of my ass and I felt the hard rubber tip of her cock pressing between my ass cheeks. Mistress was guiding the shaft with one hand and grabbed on to my belt with her other hand, pulling her hips toward mine. I felt the head of her cock parting my tight opening. She paused for a moment, letting me adjust to it's girth. Then grabbed on to the belt with both hands and thrust Her hips toward mine in a long, slow stroke. It seemed like an eternity, but before long She finally had the cock buried in my ass.

By now, I was frantically licking Miss Cheryl's pussy and she was grinding her hips against my face. At times, I was licking her pussy lips, then sucking her clit into my mouth. I wanted so badly to get her off. She tastes so sweet. Behind me, I could hear Mistress coaching me "That's it pet, show her what a good slut boy can do" and then she began slowly thrusting her cock in and out of my ass.

The sensation of Her cock in my ass was driving me wild. I slowly began grinding my cock against the back of the couch, hoping for some relief. I lifted my mouth from Miss Cheryl's pussy for a moment and said "Mistress, this sensation is driving me wild! I know that I'm going to make a mess." Mistress swatted my ass as she continued pounding me. In no time, the three of us were breathing heavily and moaning in pleasure. I kept up on Miss Cheryl's pussy as she grinded against me and I was grinding my cock into the couch as Mistress pounded her cock into me. I felt Mistress grinding Her hips against the base of the strap-on as she had it buried in my ass.

Miss Cheryl slid her fingers through my hair and grabbed it. She used it to pull my head tightly against her cunt and guide my lips to her clit. I responded by sucking her into my mouth and she was quickly bucking her hips and thrashing as her orgasm hit. The combination of feeling her orgasm hitting and Mistresses cock pushing my cock into the couch had me exploding quickly after Miss Cheryl. Mistress came a few strokes later and collapsed on my back, pinning my face against Miss Cheryl's pussy.

After we collectively caught our breath, Mistress pulled Her cock out of my ass, reached up and pulled on the Velcro closure on my cuffs, releasing me from Miss Cheryl's thighs. Mistress and I then slid over the back of the couch and we all laid together – all fucked out and contented.


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