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Pantie Lover

When I was in high school my Math teacher was one of the hottest little teases you could imagine. She was about 5'5" with true blond hair, well that we find out about later, nice tits and an ass that could stop the world. She had to be no more than 23. Her name was Ms. Tina Davis. Ms. Thompson knew she was hot and did everything she could to drive all the horny 18 year old studs in her classes absolutely wild. She wore little skirts with thigh high stockings and those little black rimmed glasses that gave her that girl next door look. The thing I like most about her outfits is the fact that she always wore them transparent enough where you could just make out the lines of her little skimpy panties. I would spend the entire hour I had with her trying to visualize what color they were, or if they had lace and especially what they smelled like against that little pussy of hers.

I wasn't the most popular guy in school, but I wasn't exactly a geek either. I did well in all my classes and had a fair amount of friends. At that time I hadn't been very lucky with girls either. Aside from some making out, I was scoring a big zero in the love game. Luckily I had Ms. Thompson to help relieve some of my sexual frustrations. I would come home and spend hours thinking of what she wore that day and fantasize about what she had on underneath. I would carefully undress her in my mind and fuck her everyway known to man. The end result would always be me cumming in a pair of my sister's panties that I had wrapped around my cock pretending they belonged to Ms. Thompson. Neither my sister nor any of her friends, who were unlucky enough for me to steal their panties when they spent the night, ever suspected that I was putting loads upon loads of hot cum into their sexy little panties.

One day in Math class Ms. Thompson was wearing this little short, yellow summer dress and little yellow stockings. I noticed right away that I could see through her dress and that she had on some little yellow string bikini panties. My dick was going bezerk. She looked so hot that I thought I would blow my load right there in my seat. On this particular day she pulled a chair to the center of the room. She was going to read something to us out of some journal or something. As she sat down, I watched carefully as she sat and crossed her legs. Her dress rode up enough so that I could see a little hint of lace at the top of her stockings. Man I was sweating. I kept a close watch on her legs, suffering more and more for the ability to release my aching cock from the confines of my blue jeans. As she rambled on about blah, blah, blah I caught a glimpse of her yellow panties as she crossed her legs again. It was all that I could stand. I came in my pants. I knew it was going to be a mess, but seeing a panty shot from this hot little teacher sent me over the edge. I felt disgusting afterwards as I sat in my cum soaked underwear. The bad thing is, my cum was starting to make a distinct wet spot on the front of my jeans. I pulled my shirt down lower so that it would not be as noticeable. It was at that moment that I snapped out of my erotic daze to the sound of Ms. Thompson calling my name.

"Jimmy... Jimmy... Jimmy Morgan!"

"Yes Ms. Thompson?" I replied weakly.

"Am I boring you?" Was she crazy? How could I ignore her and those sexy panties I just saw? But I knew what she was asking. I must have been staring into space for some time now.

"No ma'am. I'm listening."

"Well then why don't you come up here and give us all a little synopsis of what we have just been going over."

What was I to do? I couldn't go to the front of the class and let everyone see the cum stain on the front of my pants. I would be laughed out of school for something like that, but if I didn't then I would have to endure what ever fury Ms. Thompson had in store for me.

"I... I... I don't know if I can summarize everything you just went over Ms. Thompson." Boy I was dead!

"Well let's just see how well you can do. I'm sure you were listening just like you 'said' you were. I'd like hear what you thought."

"I can't do that Ms. Thompson."

"Well I guess that just means you'll just have to see me after class then."

The classroom erupted. Everyone was saying "oooh you're in trouble now." The heckling soon subsided and I was red with embarrassment. I knew that she would see the wet spot on my jeans.

When class was over I waited until every last person had left the room. Ms. Thompson was still looking down at her desk and after what seemed like an eternity she looked up at me and said "well what do you have to say for yourself? Why were you staring off into space today?"

"I don't know I guess my mind was somewhere else." In the gutter was the term I should have used, but how could I tell her that I was staring at her legs in hope of a panty shot and then when I did I came in my pants?

"I've noticed that there has been a lot of that in my class from you lately. Is everything alright?"

"Yes ma'am I just feel kinda tense lately. I have to save money for college this fall and I've been working a lot lately and well, I got fired the other day and my parents are gonna kill me." None of which was true, but I had to come up with something.

"Well I can understand that. Maybe I can help you out after all. I need some things done around my new house. I know teachers and students shouldn't associate outside of school, but this would strictly be a professional arrangement and I'm sure no one would fault me for trying to help one of my students out in a situation like this."

Oh man was she actually inviting me to her house! I know she didn't have anything other than work on her mind, but I had all kinds of dirty thoughts on mine. If she only knew what I was thinking she would think twice before she made an offer like that.

"Are you sure it would be ok?"

"I won't tell if you don't. Besides how could I let one of my best students get killed and not go off to college or graduate in a few weeks?"


"Well let me get you my address and I will see you Saturday."

As I walked to the front of the room I was mindful to keep my books in front of me so as to not show my accident. When I got to her desk I noticed that I could see down the front of her shirt as she wrote down the address to her house. She had on a matching yellow bra with lace trim at the top. Again my boner started to grow and I thought I would come again before I got out of there. When she started to hand me the piece of paper she knocked over a cup of water onto the floor.

"Shit. What a klutz I am. Would you be kind enough to hand me some paper towels from the closet? I need to get this cleaned up."

As I tuned around her skirt was hiked up in the back and I had a full view of her panty covered crotch. Man I couldn't believe my luck. Twice in one day. I would rub my dick raw when I got home today. I moved slowly back towards her taking in every second I could of that hot little box of hers covered only by a little piece of satiny fabric. I was rock hard in an instant. When I handed her the paper towels I accidentally dropped my books and when she looked up I was standing there with a full hard on and a big wet spot on the front of my pants. I noticed her take a double take at my crotch area and look back down with a puzzled look on her face. She had to notice my erection. I quickly grabbed my book and headed for the door. I was blushing red with embarrassment.

I almost backed out that Saturday. I didn't think I could face Ms. Thompson after knowing she saw what condition I was in when I left her class that day. Would she ask me what was going on? Why did I have a big wet spot and a raging hard on as I left her room, or was she just as embarrassed about the situation as I was? However, I did show up and I think she must have forgotten about the whole arrangement because she answered the door in a skimpy little bikini. What an awesome site this was to behold. The object of every masturbation session I had had over the past year was standing in front of me in a little thong bikini.

"Oh high Jimmy, I forgot you were coming by today. Hold on while I go make myself a little more presentable. In other words she was going to cover up. I watched as she turned and walked back into the house. Her little ass was jiggling the whole way down the hall. God her ass was tight. If I didn't know better I would say there was no way this hot little number was my Math teacher. She came back with a towel wrapped around her and a list of things to do. The list was mainly little projects outside and some various things in the house that wouldn't take long.

"I'm going to be out back by the pool. You can start wherever you like." How about down between your legs lapping on that sweet pussy of yours Ms. Thompson?

I decided to start on the stuff inside the house first so that I wouldn't be too sweaty later to come back into the house. She said that was a good idea and headed for the pool. I did a few things and then my mind started to wonder. Here I was in her house, she was outside, and I could do a little exploring without doing any harm. I knew exactly where I wanted to start. PANTIES. I walked into her bedroom and started opening drawers until I found the goldmine. Ms. Thompson' panty drawer was full of little treasures. She mostly liked full cut, French cut, and sting bikini panties. All satin, some with lace, stockings with lace, garter belts, sexy bras, you name it – it was in this drawer. I wasn't even careful like I had been in past panty stealing adventures. I was in such a state of arousal I just picked up a handful and brought them to my face. Her scent made me harder than ever. I wanted to fuck her worse now than I ever had in the past.

I slowly came to my senses and realized where I was. I quickly shut the drawer and went to check on her through the window. She was about to jump in the pool, and when I saw her hit the water I figured I had a few more minutes to enjoy me treasure. I went back to the drawer and found the sexiest pair I could as quick as I could. I fished out a little pink pair of briefs that had frilly lace all in the front and on the sides. I moved to the window in her room which had a view of the pool. I slowly undid my pants and took out my cock. I wrapped her little pink panties around my cock and started rubbing as I watched her swim laps back and forth in the pool. I wanted to blow my load inside of that sweet young teacher's pussy, but for now I would have to settle for her panties.



Just as the last drop of my cum was hitting the crotch of her panties I heard someone behind me say, "Just what in the hell do you think you're doing?"

I looked out to the pool and I noticed that Ms. Thompson was still swimming. I fumbled around and got my zipper up and shoved the cum soaked panties into my pocket. As I turned around I noticed a young woman, every bit as hot as Ms. Thompson, standing in the doorway.

"I'm Jimmy Morgan. Ms. Thompson hired me to do some work around here this weekend."

"I figured that out, but I don't remember her saying she hired you to come in here and jerk off in her panties while you watched her lying by the pool!"

"I was... I was just... "

"I know what you were doing. Her panty drawer is wide open and the pair I saw you stroking your dick with are still sticking out of your pocket dumbass."

"Well who the hell are you anyway?"

"Not that it makes a difference who the hell I am, but if you must know who just busted you wacking off, my name is Marie. I am Tina's roommate."

"Please don't tell Tina what I was doing in here. I'll leave and I won't come back. I'll do whatever you want. Just please don't tell her or call the police. I'm sorry. It's just that I was so horny. I don't know what came over me. Please, please don't tell. I'm sorry."

I was almost in tears.

"What? You think I'm just going to let you walk out of here after what I saw you doing? You're a filthy pervert! You like jacking off in women's panties. Oh, I will tell, and you'll be lucky if the punishment you're going to receive doesn't include jail!"

"Please Marie. I promise I will do anything you want. Please don't send me to jail."

A wicked smile crossed her face. "Anything?"


"Well come in here and sit on the couch and don't move!"

I lowered my head and walked towards the living room with me head down. Marie was surely going to tell Ms. Thompson about me cumming in her panties. Man I was so busted. What the hell was I thinking?

I heard the two of them coming back in the door. The strange thing is, I heard them giggling like little school girls as they came in. Why were they laughing? I knew I was going to be confronted with some emotions, but I never expected laughter.

I couldn't look at Ms. Thompson as she approached me. My head was down and I was very, very embarrassed. "So Jimmy, Marie here tells me that you were snooping around in my room. Did you find anything you liked?" she asked with a snicker.

"Ms. Thompson I'm sorry it's just that.."

"Shut up you filthy little pervert. Do you think that I don't notice you staring up my skirt in class all the time? Noticing you staring at my ass every time I turn around? The wet spot in the front of you pants the other day, and the erection you were sporting when you left my room? What kind of idiot do you take me for? Do you think just because I'm blonde that the saying must be true? And believe me Jimmy I AM blonde all over!"

"Ms, Davis I can explain. I just get so horny every time you're around. The way you dress, it drives me wild."

"What makes you think I don't know what I'm doing to you? Do you think I let you see my panties on accident? Why would I risk having a student over to my house for stupid little work like what I had you doing? What makes you think I haven't been planning this all along? I knew if I left you here in the house alone that you would head straight for my panty drawer. One of your sister's friends always knew that you stole her panties when she came over. She told me when I saw her at the store the other day. All of the girls in your senior class know about your little panty fetish. The difference between me and them is that I find you glares and panty antics highly arousing. I'm the one who told Marie to come in and catch you in my panty drawer."

My dick was hardening by the second. To hear my teacher telling me that she knew I stole panties and that she had wanted to catch me in the act, along with the fact that she found it arousing was music to my ears, and my cock.

"Look Marie," she said as she looked to my crotch, "he's getting hard again!"

"Oh my God he is!"

It was true I was sporting a major erection. I thought about just pulling out my dick right then and there.

"Am I doing that to you Jimmy? Do you like my little bikini? Or are you thinking of wasting that load of yours in another pair of panties. Do you like my ass?" She said as she turned around exposing her tight little ass. She was gyrating her ass towards me as she bent at the waist. She reached down between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her little bikini. I couldn't take much more of this!

"Marie how about giving this little pervert something to cum in besides his pants. I know he's about ready to explode in his pants again. You're pathetic Jimmy. You cum all the time without even touching yourself."

Marie reached up and slowly pulled her panties down from under her skirt. They were white and tiny. She threw them at me and I grabbed them up like a hungry peasant after some table scraps.

"I want to see you do what you were doing with my panties in my room. I want you to pull that cock out for me and stroke it with her panties. Cum on Jimmy, show us what you were doing you little pervert."

I was embarrassed, but the combination of Ms. Thompson talking to me like that and the fact that I had her permission to jack off in a hot chicks panties in front of her was more than enough to get my cock in hand. I slowly stroked myself as I sniffed the crotch of Marie's panties.

"Eww. He likes to sniff panties too Tina. What a disgusting little pervert you are. Stroke that dick pervert. Show us how you like to cum in women's panties."

Every word got me closer and closer. Just them Ms. Thompson said, "Jimmy, you have a very nice cock. It's a shame you won't give it to someone. It's a shame all you think about is cumming in panties. Wouldn't you like to have the real thing sometime? Or do you just like women's panties? Maybe we should dress you up in some panties. I bet you would love wearing some of my panties and garter's."

Cum started flowing out of my dick into Marie's little white panties. The thought of these two dressing me up in women's panties sent me over the edge, but I'll save those stories for the next time.

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