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gangbang sex story

Gangbang Sex stories, come in and read about a cheating wife's first gangbang. Come in and read how a batchelorette party turns into an interracial gangbang orgy. Read about after encouragement how a Hot Wife asserts herself sex story to her cuckold wanna be husbands surprise.
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Candy's Black Cock Threesome

Last weekend we went bike riding and stopped by our usual riding waterhole . It’s very popular bar with the weekend bikers (not biker gangs, but mostly professional people that like to put on their Harley gear and ride on the weekends). It has an outdoor deck that overlooks the parking lot, so you can watch all the bikes coming and going. There’s an 8-foot wooden fence around the parking lot with just some wooded lands behind it.
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gangbang story

First Gangbang Erotic Story
I had just moved back the small town I grew up in to live with my new husband Sean. It maybe had 400 to 500 people. Back then I loved to party and have a good time and Sean my husband loved to party more them me. I had met some guys in town I hadn't seen since high school and they asked if I wanted to go for a ride in the truck with them. Click here to read how this cheating wife get gangbanged in the truck


Bachelorette Party Sex Story

I never knew what my friends had in store for me my bachelorette party. If I'd have known ahead of time I would've called the whole thing off. Fortunately for me, I didn't. Little did my future husband know he life would change that day too. It was supposed to be just us girls sitting around my house getting drunk and talking about men. I had NO idea that they had invited a bunch of men to join us. The first men to arrive were two Black males about 30 years old. I was surprised to see Black men since as far as I knew; none of my girlfriends even knew a Black man. I gave a quick glance at one of my girlfriends who just smiled coyly and introduced me to JD and Tyrone. "So this is the married woman?" JD said to me. Click here to read the rest of this sex story and see how this party turns into an interracial gangbang


Wife Asserts Herself Part 1 Sex Story
Life had been good to us up to now, married 3 years, good jobs and all that went with them. So far we had no children but our sex life was good and still in the honeymoon phase with us shagging about 4 times a week. It also included experimentation, with my wife Sandy willing to dress up and role-play on a regular basis if I asked. Sandy has never been a prude, always willing to show off her 38D 29 36 figure to its best advantages in short skirts and tie tops, even going knickerless in the summer months and boots in the winter. On several occasions I have caught her bending over a little too far and showing her bosom to the waiter or pump attendant or openly flirting with the postman and guy next door. Click here to read the rest of this Hot Wifes story

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Wife Asserts Herself Part 2 Sex Story
Several weeks have passed since the first time, my wife is now head of the advertising dept and the money is rolling in, so much so that she told me I would have to give up work and stay home in the future. Sandy had decided that it would be my role now to look after the house, clean and generally wait on her, she would become the bread winner. Click here to read the rest of Wife Asserts Herself over cuckold husband sex story



Bride to Be I Erotic Story
I was 23 years old and was getting married to Dean in a weeks time. My friend Kim, who is 2 years older than me and married to Jack who is 27, is to be my Bridesmaid. Kim & Jack have a swinging lifestyle, wife swapping, 3somes and parties. I know this because she has tried to get me to go to their parties; she says that Jack fancies me. I have always refused, as I believed that a couple should be faithful to each other. Kim said to me "You know Donna, the guys will be having a stag night."
"Well yes, I suppose they will. It is traditional after all." Click here to read the rest of this Bride to Be erotic story



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Bride to Be II Erotic Story
"I'd better not take too long. You've got a lot of cocks to satisfy. Don't want you getting sore before they've all fucked you." said Jack as he started to shoot his cum into me. No sooner had he finished than Bill (My fiancés best friend.) was between my legs and fucking me for all he was worth. I thought, well he doesn't know it's me with this mask on. But as he was coming into my pussy, he shouted out "Oh Donna you fucking lovely slut." Click here to read the rest of this Bride to Be gangbang erotic story

gangbang sex story


Hot Wife's First Gangbang
My hubby and I had always fantasized about me fucking other men. When we would fuck he would tell me how much he would like for me to be fucked by four or more guys at the same time. In return I would tell him about the times I fucked before we were married and he would get really turned on hearing me describe how their cocks felt going in me and cumming in my mouth and pussy. I finally quit my office job and got a job in a club as barmaid. I would dress as sexy as possible wearing heels, short skirts, panty hose with no panties and either halter tops or see-through blouses with no bra. Whenever I served any drinks I made sure to expose as much as possible. I had a lot of guys asking to do all sorts of things to me, but I never did anything with any of them. I would come home and tell my hubby about what they had asked me to do and before I would know it we would be fucking and both talking about me getting gangbanged. Click Here to Read More About This Hot Wife's First Gangang


gangbang slut stories

Frat Slut Gangbang

It was a week after my 18th birthday that I met Davis. He was 20 years old and at college. He had taken me out a few times and we had sex in the back of his car, twice. He said that he would like to do it in comfort and invited me back to his Frat house. I had really enjoyed sex with Davis, he was considerate, kind and a good lover. I was completely besotted with him and would do whatever he asked of me.

On the evening we where to go to his Frat house, Davis had asked me to wear a very short mini skirt and a small top that would show my bare midriff. We arrived at the Frat house and I really didn’t know what to expect. I was very embarrassed as we walked through the main lounge. There where lots of guys there and they were all staring at me. Some of them gave wolf whistles. Davis shouted hello to some of them as he escorted me straight through them and up the stairs to his room. Click Here To Read More of The Frat Slut Gangbang Sex Story


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Roxanne Slips Out of the Club
When you've been married for a couple of years it is almost inevitable that your sexlife becomes routine. My wife's and mine wasn't any exception. Until...

We made plans for an evening out with dinner and dance. We dressed up and my wife put on a really sexy dress in red with white dots. How it stayed up I don't now because it had no straps and she wasn't wearing any bra either.

We had a drink at home before we went to the restaurant. We ordered food and drinks and danced while everything was prepared for us. We met some of our friends male as well as some female, and as a consequence of this one of our male friends turned up at our table when he saw that we had finished our meal and asked if he could dance with my wife. I reluctantly agreed and went to the bar where I had spotted some friends of mine and talked with them. Click Here to Read More of Roxanne's Gangbang Story


gangbang sex story


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