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Advising 101 Part I

When I took the job at the college I had no idea it would turn out as it
did. My intentions were entirely honorable.

About two and one-half years ago, a small college in our area contacted me
about working part-time with student publications. I had been in the
journalism business for about 15 years and the idea of working with college
students seemed intriguing. I visited the campus and with the head of the
department and decided to take the job as advisor to the student newspaper.

The first year was difficult. The college didn't offer any journalism
classes, and I spent a lot time teaching the students the differences
between academic writing and news writing. Eventually, they began to grasp
the concepts and some of the students showed real promise. By the end of the
first year, they were putting out a solid, weekly newspaper.

During the next summer, my wife became ill. She was diagnosed with cancer. I
worked with the students as much as a could, but was obviously distracted.
The love of my life was dying. The students were most understanding and
didn't seem to mind how little time I spent with them. By the end of the
school year, my wife had died.

I walked around like a zombie for the next three months. We had been married
15 years, but had not children. I was painfully alone.

About the time the academic year began again, I began to pull my life back
together but I was terribly lonely. I threw myself into my full-time job
editing a small sports weekly and began spending as much time as I could at
the student paper.

The year was going well. During the previous year, some of the better young
journalists had used my limited time to learn "under fire" and had made
great progress.

Jane was the editor. She was a slim girl with short hair and a nice body.
Peg, the features editor, was short with skin the color of milk chocolate.
Peg was cute and very well built. She had a tight body and impressive but
not overly large tits. Christy was average height with long red hair. She had
nice-sized tits with a really great ass.

As I said, the newspaper staff had been most understanding during my late
wife's illness and bereavement following her death. Now that I was getting
back to normal, they seemed glad to have me around.

At the end of the first semester, Jane came over to where I was going over
a layout and said that she, Peg and Christy wanted to have me over for dinner
(they shared an apartment) as sort of a Christmas and "thank-you" gift. I
said that would be fine, and we agreed I would go to their apartment the
next Friday night.

During my wife's illness, sex had been limited. The times we were together
had been intense, as we both knew our time was limited. Now, it had been
months since I had had sex, and I admit was starting feel some urgings. I
had visited some porn sites on my home computer a few times and found plenty
of pictures to use for jerk off fantasies, but those times were more stress
relief than anything else. My wife and I had had a pretty satisfying sex
life. We had been adventurous enough that we had had some interesting times,
but nothing too exotic. She had been the only woman I had slept with.

However, like most men I had harbored certain fantasies. Some I had shared
with my wife, and some I had kept to myself. We had played around with a
few, but actually found that most fantasies were best kept as just that.
Anyway, the night of the dinner arrived. I drove to the girls' apartment.
Jane met me at the door and invited me in. Peg and Christy were in the
kitchen preparing the meal, and we wound up in there talking. They had fired
up the grill on their patio and were cooking some steaks. We drank a little
wine, ate dinner and everybody was having a good time. They had asked
questions about journalism careers, and I had talked to them about college

After about two hours, Christy stood and said it was time for me to receive my
gift. "I thought dinner was my gift," I said.


"Well, that was just part of it," Christy said. "Come on girls. Jack, you stay
here and we'll call you when we're ready."

I thought that sounded a bit strange, but agreed. The girls went to a back
bedroom. A couple of minutes later, I heard one of the girls call, "Come one back!" I
walked down the short hallway and opened the door. What I saw stunned me.

All three girls were sitting on the bed naked or near naked.

I stood there for a minute in shock and then started stammering. Jane
jumped up off the bed, her tits shaking a bit as she stepped over to me and
put a finger against my lips. "Shhhhh," she said. "We don't want to hear it.
We know you've been lonely, and all three of us have said you deserved
something special for Christmas. We're it!"

Jane was the only one of the three not totally naked. She had on a pair of
red thong panties. Peg was on her knees on the bed, her well-proportioned
tits looking great and she had shaved her pussy.. Christy, I discovered, not
only had big tits, but they were firm as they stood out from her chest. Her
bright red pussy hair was a magnet for my eyes.

"I really don't...," I started to say, but Jane pulled my head to her mouth
and insert her tongue. I couldn't resist. My cock was rapidly getting hard.
In fact, by the time she let me up for air, it was rock hard. She began to
unbutton my shirt, also pulling on it to get me closer to the king-sized
bed. When the back of her knees hit the bed, Jane sat down and began
unbuckling my belt. Christy took over the removal of my shirt, and Peg pushed
her tongue into my mouth. I felt my jeans drop to the floor, quickly
followed by the underwear. Jane reached down to push the clothes all the
way off, and I stepped out of both. Now, I, too, was naked.
Jane, her hand firmly on my cock, began to lick my shaft and balls. Christy
dropped to her knees and joined her. Peg continued pushing her tongue down
my throat, and then stood on the bed and pulled my mouth too her tits, which
I began to hungrily suck.


After a couple of minutes, I had to come up for air and looked down as Jane
took my cock into her mouth. Christy was licking my balls. I ran my hand up
and down the back of Peg's legs, fondling her ass, and then slipped my hand
between her thighs. He pussy was soaking wet. I easily slid a finger inside
her and she moaned.
I had been without real sex for so long and that I was already about to
come. "Oh, God," I said, "I'm about to cum."

Jane kept sucking, Christy kept licking and Peg put her hand over mine to
keep it in her pussy. I began to spasm and felt the cum shoot up from by
balls into Jane's mouth. She swallowed it with ease, and then passed my
dick over the Christy, who immediately began to suck out the remainder of my

Feeling weak kneed, I managed to get the rest of the way to the bed and fall
onto it.

"Holy shit," I managed to croak. The girls laughed.

"We thought you would like that," Jane said.

"We've been planning this a while," said Christy.

"I'm speechless," I said. I had just gotten a great blowjob and had three
naked co-eds apparently ready for more. Before I could say anything else,
Peg straddled my chest and said, "Well, you gotten me started. Now finish."

She lowered her pussy toward my mouth. I eagerly began to lick and suck her
cunt. Her pussy tasted wonderful, just the right mix of musk and that sweet
pussy flavor. I paused long enough to glance to the side and saw Jane going
down on Christy. Despite having just cum, my cock jerked and began to harden

I returned my mouth to Peg's pussy and put all my pussy eating expertise to
work. My late wife had told me eating pussy was my greatest skill. She told
me I would make a great lesbian. She had had a lesbian affair in college, so
I took her word for it and pursued this pleasure with gusto.

Now, Peg was reaping the benefits. I would thrust my tongue into her pussy,
then move up to her clit. I would flick it hard and fast for a few seconds,
and then give her whole crotch a long, slow lick as if it were an ice cream
cone. Peg was moaning louder and louder. "Ooohhh, that's good," she moaned.
"Oh, God, yes. Yes. Suck it; suck my clit."

I followed her instructions, sort of, doing a bit of this and that, getting
her close to cumming and the backing off. She began to push her pussy harder
and harder into my face. When my tongue when inside her pussy, she would rub
her clit on the bridge of my nose. She tried to trap my face that way, but I
managed to keep my face moving but it was obvious she needed to cum.

"Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, please. Please suck my clit; please let me cum,"
she begged.

I didn't wait any longer. I took her clit between my lips and began to suck
for all I was worth. I heard Peg gasp, and then felt her thighs clamp
around my head as she was wracked with one, two three orgasms. Her whole
body went rigid for several seconds and, just when I thought I would pass
out from lack of air, she collapsed off me onto the bed. She lay gasping.

Christy had just cum, too, from Jane's pussy eating, but had a bit more
energy. She leaned over and began kissing and licking Peg's pussy juice off
my face.

By now, my cock was hard again, and I was ready to fuck somebody. I got up
on my knees, moved behind Peg and pushed my 7-inch white cock into her
purple pussy. My God, it was good. Tight, but smooth. Soaking wet, but
clutching my cock. I began to move back and forth inside her. "Yes, yes,
fuck my black ass," she said. "Fuck me with that white cock. I love it.
Ooohhh, that feels so good.

"I knew your cock would be good. I told them it would be. Yes, give it to
me. Fuck my brains out," Christy said.
I certainly tried. I grabbed her hips and began moving has fast and as hard
as I could. I had never come close to any kind of sexual experience like
this and had always figured I would shoot off quickly. While I had the first
time, I found staying power I never knew I had.

With Jane working on her clit, Christy soon came and Peg moved to take her
place. I started fucking her from behind too, but began to tire just a bit.
I pulled out of her pussy, lay on my back on the bed and Peg quickly
straddled me, easing her pussy toward my cock. As soon as the tip of my dick
hit her pussy lips, I pushed her down as hard as I could. She gasped, and
then began to grind her hips into mine. Soon she, too, came.

Peg eased off my cock, and then Jane began another world-class blowjob. It
only took a couple of minutes. The site of her head going up and down my
cock, plus two hot girls laying on the bed next to me, their legs spread and
my cum leaking out of their pussies was more than my senses could take. I
grabbed Jane's head, shoved my cock as far in her mouth as I could and shot
my cum down her throat.

We all lay on the bed trying to catch our breath. I was sweating and my dick
actually hurt. The girls began to stir, and then giggle. "Shit, that was a
good fuck," Christy said.

"I haven't cum like that in a long time," said Peg. Jane just grinned.

We chatted for a few minutes, and then I said I need to go to the bathroom.
I went into the bathroom to take a piss, and then decided to take a shower.
When I came out and returned to the bedroom, I said, "Jane, you didn't get
fucked, and I don't know if I can now."

"That's OK," she said. "Peg ate me while you were taking a shower. Believe
me, I got off, too."

I began to get dressed. The girls offered a half-hearted invitation to spend
the night, but I declined. My dick was sore, and Peg even made a comment
about her pussy being worn out.

They walked me to the door. Each gave me a deep kiss, and then Jane said,
"Now you know how much we like to fuck. We can do this again soon."

"Sure," I said, "but you're liable to kill me."

They laughed, and I made my exit.
Part II


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