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Club Encounter - My First Lesbian Expereince

I was gyrating wildly to the music and missed the first approach. A hand, gently laying upon my naked shoulder …but the volume of the band, the floor full of dancers, and the proximity of so many other people caused me to miss the intent of the touch. But I didn’t mistake when I felt two soft hands my bare mid-riff. I turned…and in the flashing lights of the dance floor, I saw a smiling young woman with long brown hair, black skin-tight, leotard top, long black slacks, high heels and a wicked look of delight upon her face.
Why hadn’t I noticed her before? Was she at the bar? Hmmm….I thought to myself as I stared into her dark eyes - What should I do now? I smiled, and in smiling, confirm what she had already taken for granted…my complete cooperation. She led me with her hands on my waist… I danced….following her hands. Her moves were feminine, yet unmistakably in control. I went where she wanted me to go. After the song, she leaned forward and whispered a soft command in my ear…”Follow me!”

She threaded her way to the Lady’s room where, upon entering, I noticed two women putting on lipstick at the sink. They note the possessive demeanor of my new friend as she steered me into the room. There is still one open spot at the mirror above the sink and she whispers forcefully into my ear….”Take off that lipstick!” I looked quizzically, but her no-nonsense stare told me that I should, and strangely, I wanted to comply. I slid between the two girls in their mid twenties at the sink, and they perfunctorily checked me out as they finish their makeup touchups. One last toss of their heads to test the hairspray and they left together. This leaves the bathroom to me and the dark-haired stranger I’ve just met. I was feeling possessed by her and I could not break myself away and deep down I knew I did not want to.



She strode purposefully to the door and jammed a mop handle through the door handle to keep it from being opened from the other side. I raised an eyebrow as I watched her do this, my heart began pounding. I felt fear and excitement at the same time. She did not speak and her stern demeanor had my heart pounding faster. She sat atop the sink and smiled at me as she removed one long patent-leather boot, then the other. The black stretch pants which seem to go on forever on her long legs were the next to come off. I could only stare in disbelief as I realized what was likely to unfold here. Beneath the slacks she wore only the leotard which had snaps beneath. She undid the snaps leaving her pussy open to my gaze. She wasn’t playing games and this was not going to be a girl-girl flirting scene. I had flirted at the club before but never went any further.

She had dark, rather straight pubic hair, well trimmed, and I thought how nice it looked situated between those long legs! She sat on the counter with both feet up on the sink tops, her back to the mirror, and her legs now spread wide before me! She slipped a finger, then two…into her dark cleft while visibly stimulating her clit! I could not believe that within only fifteen minutes of meeting her, I was actually participating in this strange tableau! She grinned mischievously and with a single, long finger, she motioned for me to come forward. I walked slowly and stood between her legs which were still up on the countertop, spread very wide. She pulled my face forward, kissing me fully on the mouth, and then she stuck her wet finger from her cunt straight into my lips and I sucked it gently tasting her warm juices. She smiles and seemed pleased by my effort. For some reason I was so scared of her and yet I wanted to please her.

She pulled her stretch leotard down beneath her lovely breasts, and pulled me forward and my face was soon flush with her breasts…hard nipples in my mouth. My hands were now wandering and feeling the wet girl-flesh beneath her outstretched legs. I bit her nipple gently and she shoved my head down to taste her! She was so aggressive.


She leaned her head goes back against the mirror as I stared at her wet pussy. I was a bit hesitant and then I felt her fingers entwining my hair. She pulled my face against her mound and my mouth tasted her moist cunt….the scent redolent with sex and intrigue. Her dark pubic hairs were matted with her juices and I pushed my face against her …frantically biting her thighs, licking her pubis….tongue flicking over her erect clit….all the while looking up making sure she was pleased.! I could not believe this is all actually taking place! I felt her hands gripping my hair tighter I worked even more diligently upon her cunt with my mouth! I was rewarded with the beginning of a long moan now accompanied by some involuntary movement of her long legs.

She thrusted her pelvis forward and I felt her cunt from inside as my tongue slid deep into her slit, taking care to keep constant pressure on her clit with the back of my tongue. I keep shoving the tip my tongue into her cunt hole when she suddenly stiffened and I sensed that she was about to cum! She did! And her hands grabbed my head forcing it tightly to her wet pussy. I struggled to keep up as she kept grinding her cunto into my mouth. Her legs were now bowing in and out, her thighs pressing against my cheeks, then retreating as she spread her legs again. Finally, her legs relaxed…her breathing returned to something close to normal and she released my head.
She stroked my hair, and then pulled my face up. Looking into eyes, she mouthed the words “THANK YOU!” in a trembling voice! She kissed me on the lips and then pulled up her top, puts on her slacks, pulls on her boots …and…with only a cursory glance at the mirror, and a wink to me in the mirror, she turned…removed the mop….. And left! I stood trying to regain my senses. Fortunately, there was no one waiting to enter. I finally left, somewhat awestruck by the absurdity of it all, how in only a few minutes I furnished oral gratification to another woman, (a stranger at that!) in the confines of a dance-club bathroom!
Wow! Is this a quirk? Or had I somehow invited her attentions? Would I do something like this again? I mused about the encounter and other sexual thoughts as I fixed my own makeup and straighten my clothing.

NOW I was hot! “Where was that guy with the muscular build?” I thought. Maybe he has could finish the job….NOW!



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