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Up to a point I’ve only had brief oral encounters with guys most of
which was just me sucking the other guy off. Needless to say I was getting
bored with it and I know what your all saying how can you get bored with
sucking cock. Well I did so I started looking for guys that wanted to do more
and found very few. Only a couple of guys would let me fuck them and I just
wasn’t ready to bottom yet.

One day I was in a local yahoo chat and was cruising for some fun
and boy did I find it. The guy who I’ll call Alex just cause I love that
name and don’t want to give him up sounded great and if the pic he sent was
really him I knew I would have a good time. He was 6' tall and about 175lbs
nice hairy without being to hairy body and a slightly nice sized curved cock..
The only thing that I wasn’t so kosher with was the fact that he is
married. He said his wife didn’t know about him and very rarely got with a
guy and the last time was a few years ago. I had only been with one
married guy b4 and it was a big big big disaster and I was never going to
do it again but something told me to go for it this will be different. I
was so glad I did cause to this day 3 years later we still meet for some
fun and the wife still doesn’t know and I am the lucky one cause I’m the only
guy he gets with.



We chatted for about and hour and told each other what we were into
and we matched pretty well except for one thing. He was a top and wanted
to fuck me. I told him I had never been a bottom and didn’t think I was ready
for that yet. Surprise to me he told me he respected that and was cool
with just oral and we can still have a good time. So I got ready and
headed out and told him I would be there in about 20 min. Now if any of you reading
this live in the Chicago area then you know that wasn’t going to happen. I
forgot that it was 5 o’clock in the evening and rush hour traffic was in full swing
and it took me almost an hour to get there. By the time I showed up at his house I
figured he would be mad but he was very understanding lucky for us the wife
was out of town.

When I showed up he was in only a pair of briefs and told me I was
way to over dressed and started helping me out of my clothes. Once we were
both naked we sat on the couch and fondled each other a bit till our cocks
were rock hard. As I started to lean over to suck his dick into my
mouth he met me half way and started kissing me. I did not expect that and
snapped back. I hadn’t really got into kissing but now I love it. He got
this worried look on his face and asked if that was alright and I told him
he just surprised me and I was ok with it. He then practically tackled me
and got me lying back and kissed me like no one has kissed me since. Then
he moved down and started sucking and chewing on my nipples and god how I
love that. Five minutes later both my nips were swollen and driving me
nuts then he licked his way to my cock only pausing to give my nuts a quick
swipe with his tongue.

As ravenous as he was with my nipples I thought he would attack my
cock. Instead he nursed on it and kept bringing me close to climax but
wouldn’t let me cum no matter how much I begged him. When I couldn’t take it
anymore I pushed him off of me and onto the flow that’s where I got my
revenge and attacked his dick with wild abandon. Eventually he couldn’t
take it either and suggested a 69 which I readily agreed. With him on top
he pumped into my mouth good thing I could throat him and continued to
nurse me. I felt him trying to push my legs apart and me thinking he was
going for my balls like before I let him but instead of my balls he lifted my
legs and went for my asshole. I had only been rimmed once and that was one
of the very few times I’ve cum without touching my dick.

With his tongue in my asshole I redoubled my effort on him wanting
to bring him as much pleasure and he was bringing me. All too soon his cock swelled
in my mouth and began to ooze hot cum between my lips. His load tasted so good cumming
in my mouth as he continued his assault on my hole. I finally released his cock and told him I
was so close so he dropped my legs and dove on my cock and when his lips touched me I
exploded and he swallowed it all. As we were cleaning up he told me that was the best time
he has had since he got married and had to see me again. He went
on to tell me how much he had to have my ass. It was that moment I knew he
was going to be the man to take my cherry.

It was a few month later when we got together again and I told him
I was ready to at least try to get fucked. I swear his cock practically
ripped his shorts off for him. He led me to the bedroom and stripped me
threw me on the bed and dove on my cock. I had to slow him down he was
just to excited so he let up on my cock and went lower to my ass. As he
spread my cheeks he kissed each one and worked his magic on my hole. His
tongue kept swirling around my hole but never penetrated and I was getting
hot and impatient so I told him I needed it. He rose from my ass and said
don’t worry I’m working on loosing you up trust me you’ll thank me later. He
spent about half and hour just working my hole. Now I had tried playing
with my hole before and could never get a finger in there I could get my very
small vibrator in but never a finger and his was no exception. I don’t
know why but I just cant take a finger maybe cause its so ridged I guess
Ill never know.



I told him to go for it I needed his cock and his finger was not going
to work. He turned me over and told me it would be easier on my stomach
flat on the bed and turned me over. Laying on top of me he whispered into
my ear to relax and stop him if I couldn’t do it. Raising himself up he
spread my cheeks bent over to give me one last lick then grabbed the lube.
I could hear him lubing his dick up and suddenly it dawned on me I’m about to
get fucked and there’s no turning back now I was going to take his cock. I wanted
it to feel his cock inside me for the first time. With his dick lined up with my hole he
told to relax and gently pushed and guess what nothing happened. My hole just wouldn’t
let him in. I said lets try another position and flipped over and put my legs up. He
leaned in and started kissing me again I was so into the kiss I didn’t
realize his cock was slipping in and once he pulled back it hit me like a
ton of bricks. I screamed out and tried pushing him off me but he said to
relax and stayed there and I am so glad he did. After ten minutes I told him
to go slow and lets do this. He slowly pulled out to just the head and
slowly pushed it back in. On the way out it burned like hell at first but
on the way back in I couldn’t help but moan. I found myself relaxing and opening it
taking him deeper and deeper in my ass. I wanted his cock now, I needed to feel him inside me.

As he picked up speed my cock hard and a river of
precum came streaming out. I have never had a lot of precum, It’s almost
been nonexistent. He only fucked me for about 5 minutes before my cock
was jerking and shooting hot cum all over us. It was amazing! That set him off
as I felt his cock growing inside me and he began to fuck me harder. Soon he was
moaning and I felt his hot cum shooting inside which made my cock begin to shoot again. That
made twice in one day this guy has gotten me off with out touching my
dick. We ended up laying there together for an hour re-cooperating. To
this day he is the only man who has been able to fuck me and cant wait till
the next time we meet.

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