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Gay, Bi and Trannie Stories. Come on in and read about the College Advisor who thought he found some hot coeds but there was a surprise between one on their legs in the trannie story. Read about the the straight guy who wanted cock in this Bi-Sex story. We also have gay, lesbian and transvestite stories.

My Wife Made me a Sissy Fag for Black Cock
My wife was working for a computer wholesale firm in Atlanta, Georgia for several years. She would often come home to tell me what a hot bunch of guys worked with her. One in particular was a real good looking black guy named Howard. She fantasized about him all the time when we were fucking. She would say how much she wanted him to be fucking her and that I was a fag with a cocksucking hungry mouth! This turned me on BIG TIME! I loved to hear her call me a cocksucking fag and that she was going to have Howard fuck her and tell him that she needed to have his big black cock because I was a fag! I worked late every weeknight at a mortgage firm as a manager and I was always in charge and acted straight and business like. I am a former male model and am used to girls giving me looks and this makes all the fag cocksucking thing all the more impactful when having sex with a girl, To Read More of this Siisy Fag Sex Story Click here

Adivising 1 hot bi sex and trannie story
When I took the job at the college I had no idea it would turn out as it did. My intentions were entirely honorable.
About two and one-half years ago, a small college in our area contacted me about working part-time with student publications. I had been in the journalism business for about 15 years and the idea of working with college students seemed intriguing. I visited the campus and with the head of the department and decided to take the job as advisor to the student newspaper. Click here to read more of the hot bi and trannie sex story

Adivising II more of this bi and hot trannie story This caused me to squirm a bit. One of the fantasies I had never shared with my wife was my thoughts about sucking a cock. It wasn't a strong enough desire to really pursue, more curiosity. What did it feel like? How did it taste? What was it like to have someone inside your body? These were things I had wondered about. Click here to read more of the hot bi and trannie sex story

Once Bi Sexual Story, He hadn't had any cock on awhile It had been years since I had fooled around with another guy. With only a couple of experiences under my belt, neither of which are much to talk about, and a new ex-girlfriend, I decided I should go exploring, again, into the world of men. So I sat down at the computer one night, horned out of my mind, and logged into a gay chatroom that had local guys. By this point I hadn't had sex in two months, not since the ugly breakup with the "ex". So here I am naked and alone nursing a hard-on at home and on the prowl for some hot guy to service my growing needs. I start chatting with this guy "Eric", nothing particularly sexual, just exchanging pics and talking about past experiences. I tell him I hadn't had sex in two months and that I hadn't been with a guy in almost five years. That I was actually kind of nervous about it, so we talk more about sex. Click here to read more of this man's quest for bi sex

Cruising The Net for Cock Gay Story
Up to a point I’ve only had brief oral encounters with guys most of which was just me sucking the other guy off. Needless to say I was etting bored with it and I know what your all saying how can you get bored with sucking cock. Well I did so I started looking for guys that wanted to do more and found very few. Only a couple of guys would let me fuck them and I just wasn’t ready to bottom yet.
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Threesome Bi Check out what his girlfriend suggest about a threesome and bi-sex
There's something about Amanda. Something very compelling, very arousing. As my flatmate I get to see her in all her guises - early morning, late at night, before and after make-up - and I am constantly entranced by her. She oozes it!
At 20 she has the youthful innocence of a bubbly, carefree young woman, but she has the physical presence of an alluring woman. Her hair silky blonde, flowing over her shoulders, center parted, covering the sides of her pretty face. Her eyes big blue entrancing eyes that hold your stare. Her skin so smooth and soft to kiss, her young lips full, tender and intimate. She has the body of a babe: slim but buxom, her breasts prominent and firm, her belly nicely rounded, pierced with a tiny gold ring; her ass large, round, tightly packed into her stretched black pants.Click here to read more of the hot bi sex story

TV-Chrissie - check out this hot transvestite story
First let me introduce myself. My name is Donnie, I am 20 year old white guy with brown hair, and stand 5ft 10. I am British, but I had been living in the US for several months now, and this is a story about myself and a young shemale called Chrissie.I first met Chrissie when I was at work and she came in looking for a job, however the manager was out at the bank depositing the daily takings. I told Chrissie that the manager would be back within 15 minutes. She decided to wait, and this gave me a chance to get to know her better.
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House Hunting - TV Sex Story
Prior to the internet hookup, the only way to connect spontaneously with other horny people was through calling local phone connections. You know, the ad you see in your local entertainment rag with a rippling hot stud running his own fingers through his hair that offers free postings for people who want to connect within the city. It was such an ad that inspired me, Jonny, or Mandy, as I prefer, to post an ad and take a call from a man named Chris. Chris responded to my ad that said, almost verbatim, and in a lame girl voice, "Hey Y'all, this is Mandy, I am 5ft 7inches tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, 146 pounds, smooth, in shape, trim, and I love dressing up as a girl and pleasing men. Click here to read more of this transvestite story

Club Encoutner - My First Lesbian Experience
I was gyrating wildly to the music and missed the first approach. A hand, gently laying upon my naked shoulder …but the volume of the band, the floor full of dancers, and the proximity of so many other people caused me to miss the intent of the touch. But I didn’t mistake when I felt two soft hands my bare mid-riff. I turned…and in the flashing lights of the dance floor, I saw a smiling young woman with long brown hair, black skin-tight, leotard top, long black slacks, high heels and a wicked look of delight upon her face.

Why hadn’t I noticed her before? Was she at the bar? Hmmm….I thought to myself as I stared into her dark eyes - What should I do now? I smiled, and in smiling, confirm what she had already taken for granted…my complete cooperation. She led me with her hands on my waist… I danced….following her hands. Her moves were feminine, yet unmistakably in control. I went where she wanted me to go. After the song, she leaned forward and whispered a soft command in my ear…”Follow me!” Click Her to Read More of This Lesbian Story