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First Trip to the Gloryhole!

Debby and I finished early with a meeting we had when we realized we had some time and was close to Wheeling, we bothed smiled at each other and decided to drive over and check out The Rhino. We had fantasized about gloryholes and wanted to try it but we were also very apprehensive. We weren't really dressed for the occasion. I had on a suit and looked like a cop (I'm sure), Debby had on a skirt and was pantiless along with being horny. So, we decided we would walk in and look at the toys and the magazine and then decide if we would go back to the booths. We knew about the layout from the gloryhole forum and the many post by J and his comrades.

Once inside we were a little surprised at how small the magazine and
movie area was. So we just walked around novelty area trying to scan the location of the booths. We saw a few guys come in and get quarters from the cashier and headed into the back. The guys looked ok because we had no idea what to expect. Finally we looked at each other and decided to go back. I asked the attendant if the booths took bills and he said no, quarters, so I got a bunch of quarters. We walked past a quite a few booths and could hear moaning from the movies playing inside. I remember J's post saying the holes were in the back booths. I didn't see any, but there was a hallway to our right and we walked back there and the first booth had this huge cut out hole inside of it. We went inside quickly and locked the door. Once inside we took a fast look around the booth. It was small and dark. Debby sat on the stool and eagerly took out my dick and began devouring it like the hot slut she is, her lips felt wonderful. I was getting into fucking her mouth when I noticed a pair of shoes thru the hole and few minutes later she jumped as she noticed someone watching her sucking me off thru the hole. He just kept watching and finally left. A few people came and went into the booth next to us but nothing happened.


We looked thru the hole and noticed another hole in the booth next to us and decided to go over there. Now there were 2 holes for her to get some action. She started sucking me off again and I made her pull up her skirt and finger fuck herself on the stool. A few guys came into the booth and she stuck her finger in the hole nervously motioning for them but they left. We both were beginning to wonder if they were all either gay or someone was already servicing them in the back.

She was cumming from fingerfucking herself and began to suck me again when someone came into the booth. Debby motioned with her finger and finally a cock appeared :) She began to stroke as she sucked mine and he got hard quickly. I looked into her eyes and she turned and took him into her mouth (she loves to suck cock). He grew to about 7 inches and she got him off all over her face in short time. He left and she went back to my cock. A few minutes later someone else entered and she motioned and this time to her surprise and huge cock came thru the hole. She smiles at me and reached out and grabbed his big cock. This is what we came and I knew she wanted to suck this big cock.

glryhole slut


Debby eagerly took him into her wet lips and sucked him deep in her mouth. I am sure she was loving it and I was a bit surprised she could deep throat him. I had never seen her suck such a big cock before and I was wanking my dick like crazy watching. He got very hard and slid his hand thru the hole and grabbed her chin and began to fuck her mouth. This guy was good and was going use her like mouth for his fuck hole. I could hear the sucking sounds as he pulled her face further toward the hole. She just went with it and sucked and stroked him for quite sometime. We knew he was going to last awhile so I motioned to her to hand him a condom. She did and we could see he was putting it on through the hole. She stood up (she’s tall 5'8") and turned around in the booth and stuck her wet cunt and ass into the hole (the hole was so big she could fit her ass into it). She leaned forward with her head against the wall and he stuck his big cock deep into her pussy. She could not move because she is so tall, so she just pushed herself tightly into the hole as he was ramming her wet cunt. She was moaning like a bitch in heat and was loving that big cock fucking her. Later I found out he pulled out her cunt and shoved it into her ass and she pulled away when he tried to stick it back into her cunt. After pulling away she couched and he pulled the condom off but before she could go back to him I pulled her face over and began to fuck her mouth deep. I was so turned on I needed to dump my load in her mouth right them and there. I came immediately in her wet mouth and she sucked it all down like a good little girl :) She turned her attention to him and a few minutes later she was shooting his load on her tits. We
got up and left and got a hotel room and fucked like animals. Next Story

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