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Angel and I went up to the Rhino Adult Bookstore which has large gloryholes between a few of the video booths. She looked lovely as usual, purple blouse and short black skirt with black hose. When we got there it was early and there was no one around, so we went into a video booth and began making out. I took her blouse off and she unzipped my pants and took my cock out and began stroking it while she told me of her exhibitionist ways. On the drive down she was flashing a trucker (such a hot slut :)


Some guy came into the adjoining booth and knelt down and was watching the two of us. Angel crouched down in the corner of the booth and put on a little show for us. I could see him crouching down with his pants undone; he didn't appear to have anything special between his legs. She finally went forward to the hole and he stood up and stuck his cock through and the rest is history. This guy stuck a very average soft prick through the hole and she started to suck him off and this thing grew and grew to a very nice plaything for her. Once he was hard, he kept teasing Angel with it. He would pull it back and she would stick her head further through the hole to lick his cock and he would tap it on her lips. He did this for quite a while. It was very erotic foreplay. I could tell from watching her that she wanted him in her mouth. Finally, she grabbed it and pulled his dick into her eager waiting mouth and I heard the guy begin to moan. He later told me not very many women know how to handle him but Angel knew how to take his cock.

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Angel began slowly taking more and more into her wet mouth, sucking him deeper and deeper. I was snapping pictures like crazy and knew what she was up to; she wanted to deepthroat this guy. This was a challenge and she was going to do it. I could see her slowly working more and more of his stiff prick down her throat and finally she took him all the way down. I could hear him on the other side of the wall just moaning at her talents. He bent down with a big smile on his face and wanted to play with her breasts. He was whispering something to her and she leaned back and enjoyed his hands all over her body. She went back to devouring his cock and I whispered in her ear and asked if she wanted a condom. She looked up to me with her desirous eyes and smiled and nodded yes. She kept sucking him as I handed her the condom and she looked up at him and said "do you want to fuck me"? He anxiously grabbed the condom and slipped it on and she put her wet cunt up to the hole and he slid in deep. She moaned loudly as he forced his huge prick into her wet sopping pussy. I heard her moan deeply as he entered her and she grabbed the wall in front of her and he started to fuck her deeply. It did not take long and she began cumming from his deep thrusting of her wet cunt. She probably came about three times and then leaned back over and wanted to reward him, but he was in no hurry. He wanted to enjoy this for all it was worth. He leaned down and began feeling her body again. We all paused for a moment and introduced ourselves and began talking.


We could tell he was a very nice guy but he was short and told us he couldn't fuck her like he wanted to and asked is he could come into the booth. We allowed him to come over and she grabbed his big prick the moment he came into the booth. He dropped his pants and she dropped to her knees and began sucking us both. Some guy went into his booth and was leaning over watching the show. It was getting pretty hot and finally she leaned over in front of him and grabbed her ankles and he fucked her hard from behind! The guy in the next booth stuck his hand in and was rubbing her tits while she was getting the fucking of her life. I kept telling him to fuck her hard, slam her cunt and I could hear her screams of pleasure while this guy was bringing her off, one orgasm after another. I got in front of her at one point and lifted her head and shoved my cock in her mouth and we fucked her in both holes. She was loving it and the other guy kept playing with her tits through the hole. She needed a break after awhile so we stopped. The guy was short and after her little break he stood up on the stool in the booth (he had to lean down a little bit) and face fucked her until he came all over her tits.

He left and we made out for awhile and she sucked the guy off in the other booth. It didn't take her much time to finish him. Another guy came in and she took care of him in short order too. We were going to leave and big cock comes back and wants another blowjob. Well, she wanted to reward him for all his effort and sucked him off through the hole real nice and she had him cum on her tits and face. Whew, it was hot and we left after that. Next Story

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