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Gloryhole and Theatre Sluts
Come on in and ready about our gloryhole and theatre slut stories. Read about the hot wife who had theatre sex and shared with hubby, or the gloryhole story about the hot wifes' first visit to the gloryhole and how she sucked every cock that came throught he gloryhole.

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Shared Dessert Sex Story at the Adult Theatre

Hubby and I had a wonderful time last night. Being all alone I decided to satisfy my craving for dark meat by having the hubby take me to our favorite adult theatre in town. We got there around 7:00pm and of course, it was empty. Not a soul in the place, which really depressed me

We took seats a few rows down from the back and settled in watching the great interracial movie playing. Lots of really hung black cock getting sucked by some attractive white women....who could ask for more! After 15 minutes or so, a noise behind us and across the aisle startled me as I watched an older man, probably in his 60's get up and lumber to the exit door. I hadn't noticed him when we entered, I guess he was sleeping or just being real quiet. He was a really large man, at least 6feet 5 inches tall, dressed in work clothes and looked very nice. As he went through the door, I grabbed my husband an dragged him to the back row, hoping the man would be back. We sat down and I undid my blouse and led my husband's mouth to my excited breasts, waiting for the sound of the door to open.

Glory Hole Slut visits Adult Bookstore Erotic Story

Rox and I went up to the Pioneer Adult Bookstore which has large gloryholes between a few of the video booths. She looked lovely as usual, purple blouse and short black skirt with black hose. When we got there it was early and there was no one around, so we went into a video booth and began making out. I took her blouse off and she unzipped my pants and took my cock out and began stroking it while she told me of her exhibitionist ways. On the drive down she was flashing a trucker (such a hot slut :) No wonder I love this woman so much!

First Trip to the GloryHole Sex Story

Debby and I finished early with a meeting we had when we realized we had some time and was close to Wheeling, we bothed smiled at each other and decided to drive over and check out The Rhino. We had fantasized about gloryholes and wanted to try it but we were also very apprehensive. We weren't really dressed for the occasion. I had on a suit and looked like a cop (I'm sure), Debby had on a skirt and was pantiless along with being horny. So, we decided we would walk in and look at the toys and the magazine and then decide if we would go back to the booths. We knew about the layout from the gloryhole forum and the many post by J and his comrades.

Wife Visit's Bookstore Erotic Story

I really enjoy the stories on the Internet and decided to share my enjoyment with my wife. She read and enjoyed most of them, much to my delight, but the ones that most turned her 'on' where the ones set in porno bookstores. She was so turned on by the fantasy of her being used in a bookstore, that
she wanted me to take her there to see what it would be like. We'd had a few 3somes but we where not very experienced, so I was a little apprehensive of taking her to the porno peep shows, who knows what would happen to her there. But I was swept along by her enthusiasm and agreed to go.

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