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Hubby and I had a wonderful time last night. Being all alone I decided to satisfy my craving for dark meat by having the hubby take me to our favorite adult theatre in town. We got there around 7:00pm and of course, it was empty. Not a soul in the place, which really depressed me

We took seats a few rows down from the back and settled in watching the great interracial movie playing. Lots of really hung black cock getting sucked by some attractive white women....who could ask for more! After 15 minutes or so, a noise behind us and across the aisle startled me as I watched an older man, probably in his 60's get up and lumber to the exit door. I hadn't noticed him when we entered, I guess he was sleeping or just being real quiet. He was a really large man, at least 6feet 5 inches tall, dressed in work clothes and looked very nice. As he went through the door, I grabbed my husband an dragged him to the back row, hoping the man would be back. We sat down and I undid my blouse and led my husband's mouth to my excited breasts, waiting for the sound of the door to open.
Sure enough, he was back and I lit a cigarette to make sure he knew he was not alone. He came back into the theatre and stood along the back wall just behind us as Hank was biting my nipples and giving my breasts a good working over. I moaned loud enough for him to hear and watched as he moved closer. As soon as I hear his zipper come down, I had my first orgasm, moving Hank’s face down to my skirt and pantiless pussy and had him start to lick me. I turned my head slightly to watch as the gentleman watching us took out his cock and I was in heaven.

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He moved two steps closer to watch and I saw the most gorgeous, thick long black cock I had ever dreamed about hanging down from his crotch as he began to slowly stroke his cock watching my husband go down on my soaked pussy. I moaned even louder and turned my head directly towards him, inviting him to bring me my craving which he had no qualms about doing.

In seconds he was standing directly behind mu husbands chair, his beautiful cock just inches from my mouth and started to point it at my face while he continued to slowly stroke his huge cock. I was begging for it with my eyes, licking my lips and waiting for him to let me taste this wondrous piece of human flesh. I had forgotten about my husband and was focused on this man’s cock so much that when he moved close and let my lips kiss the head of his cock, I turned even more in my chair, cutting off my husband from my pussy and started to kiss and lick the huge cock head and slit that was being offered. The head of his cock was enormous and I had to lick it and kiss it for a few minutes, totally in awe of what I had in front of me.

Hank got up and slid in his seat watching me worship this man’s cock and soon I was almost turned around in my seat, my hands having replaced his and my mouth going crazy on the huge cock. As he got somewhat hard, the size of this mans cock just amazed us both, it never got real hard, just grew and hung out from his trousers begging us to worship it and bring him to climax. I was sucking and licking for all I was worth, tasting his precum as he started to get excited. It was so delicious, stroking his cock I would wait until the head of his cock was glistening with cum so I could run my tongue under the head of his cock and up over his slit to capture it in my mouth. His cock was like faucet after a few minutes, a constant stream of juice flowing from the big slit. Hank moved in closer to watch his hot wife enjoy her meal, so close I could feel his breath on my face as I sucked, slurped, licked and kissed my present.

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After 10 minutes of worship, he moved his cock from my mouth and rubbed it on my husbands face, wanting to feel a man take his cock. I was so hot at this point I moved my husbands mouth to his cock and told him to suck, pushing his head down onto the black cock and telling him I wanted to see him taste his cum. This really got our friend going as he put his large hand on the back of Hank’s head and started to force more of his cock down Hank's throat. My hand was on my dripping pussy now, stroking this monster cock with the other into my husbands mouth, listening to him gag and slurp on the black cock being slide down his throat. Hank was into sucking his cock at this point, licking up as much cum as he could and ribbing his huge cock over his face. I needed the cock so bad by now that I got up and climbed over my husband and knelt down beside our friend in the empty, dirty aisle in the back and begged him to give me more.

His hand came to my head and he pulled me in close to his cock and had me watch him fuck my husbands throat for another minute then pulled me up and began to feel my tits and ass as Hank went to work on his balls. For the first time since this began, he spoke and asked me if I wanted to feel his cock inside me which I of course moaned an emphatic yes. He kept fucking Hank's mouth and then told me that if he did, he would have to cum in my pussy and that I would have to be Ok with that. Again I said he could do whatever he wanted, that he could have Hank suck his cum from my pussy if he would just fuck me.

I stepped out of my skirt and bent over the chair and begged for his cock, I had never wanted to fucked by someone so bad in my life. I had to feel what it would be like to have this 12 or 13-inch monster cock stretch me and fill me with cum. He pulled his cock from Hank's mouth and told him to come back to where we were standing and had him kneel down next to my ass as I bent over the chair and then told Hank he would have to beg him to fuck me if he was going to so it.


Hank new what I needed and began to beg him, pleading with him to "slide his big black cock deep inside my wife" and " cum inside of her, fill her with your cum for me". The next thing I knew I felt his cock enter my pussy and I had an immediate orgasm. It took him a few minutes to get his cock deep inside me and I think he still had 4 inches that I couldn't take.

He fucked me for 30 solid minutes, fucking me with long strokes and slamming his cock into me each time telling me that I was a whore and a slut for black cock. Hank was urging him on as well, telling him to fuck me hard and to cum deep inside so I would get pregnant with his child. It was the most amazing sex I had ever had, feeling this huge cock fill my pussy, watching my husband clean his black shaft very few minutes when he pull all the way out and stuff his cock into his mouth.

When he finally came, he pushed his cock so deep inside my pussy I could feel him shooting his cum and me must have shot 8 or 9 streams of cum juice inside of me. After he withdrew his cock, he moved his cock to Hank’s mouth and had him clean him up entirely as my pussy started to drain the huge amount of cum to my pussy lips. Hank finished cleaning his cock and balls and then moved to my pussy and began to eat his dinner. Hank is such a good cuckyboy. As our friend watched and began to stroke his cock again, he continued to offer his encouragement to Hank, telling him to not waste a drop of his cum and urging him to get his tongue deeper inside my pussy to get it all. When Hank finished, his face was covered in cum and he must have eaten a pint of cum from my pussy. Hank and I both got on our knees and we began to suck his cock again, this time begging for him to feed us directly. We spent the next 30 minutes in that position, both of us licking, sucking and worshipping this huge black cock and wanting to feel him cum in our mouths. When he was ready to cum, he had us both put out our tongues and shot his sweet cum into our mouths and all over our faces having us share our desert together. He had 4 nice streams of cum this time and filled our mouths with his thick creamy cum. We both kissed and shared our desert and then cleaned his cock again so he could get dressed. When we left, we both had dried cum all over our faces and the taste of this mans cock was left for us to remember the night by.
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gloryhole wife
gloryhole wife

gloryhole slut

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