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Wife Visits Adult Bookstore

I really enjoy the stories on the Internet and decided to share my enjoyment
with my wife. She read and enjoyed most of them, much to my delight, but
the ones that most turned her 'on' where the ones set in porno bookstores.
She was so turned on by the fantasy of her being used in a bookstore, that
she wanted me to take her there to see what it would be like. We'd had a
few 3somes but we where not very experienced, so I was a little apprehensive
of taking her to the porno peep shows, who knows what would happen to her
there. But I was swept along by her enthusiasm and agreed to go.

We arrived at the store just after sundown, less chance of anyone we know
seeing us. As we entered, my wife caught the attention of everyone there,
about 6 guys. She was wearing a very short mini skirt and a low necklined
top and it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. I got some change
from the assistant and asked directions to the film booths. The guy asked
me if I would like him to take us to the booths and show us how it works.
All the time he is talking to me, his eyes never leave my wife's tits.

As we enter a passage at the side of the counter, I notice that 2 of the guys
who had been in the shop, where now ahead of us and the rest of them where
following us. At the booths as we slowly walked along, the assistant said,
"Well what's it to be lady?" completely ignoring me now. "What kind of movie
do you want?" pointing to titles on the cubicles. "Girls sucking big cocks
or 3somes, one guy and 2 girls or Gang Bangs?" at that my wife halted and
blushing furiously, gazed at the poster of a blond girl surrounded by a
group of men, mostly black. "Oh we've hit a nerve." Laughed the assistant.
"The little lady is turned on by Gang Bangs."

We went into a booth and I noticed several of the guys standing around the booths.
The assistant came in with is to show it how it worked, he rubbed up against my wife
as we were in close quarters. As he put in a few coins he stayed pressed up against my
wife and the door was still open and I could see some other men looking in the booth.
He started the gangbang movie and started rubbing against my wife, she looked straight forward
at the screen but I noticed her rubbing back a little as the assistant whispered s omething into her ear.
I was kind of behind them watching wondering what she was thinking.

He hand began caressing her ass as she looked forward at some blonde in the middle of a circle
jerk with three big black cocks shoved in her face. She was rubbing her ass back against him as he was
now nibbling on her ear. He got bolder and began rubbing her tits as he kissed the back of her neck. She
leaned back against him and moaned softly. I saw her hand now go against his crotch and rub his cock through
his pants. He whispered something in her ear and she shook her head yes and the next thing I know she was heaed
out the booth with him. He took her over the back wall and the guys followed watching. I was starting to get nervous
as I noticed one guy taking his cock out stroking it near the couch. He was kissing her and pushed her up against the
wall. "Well let's see what you've got." Said the assistant as he pulled up her top revealing her lovely pert firm tits.
"My, my. Now aren't they just delicious." He sneered as he took hold of a nipple in each hand and squeezed hard.

I could tell by the noises that my wife was making that she was in pain but was also being turned on by it. He then
started to pull her away from the wall by her nipples then 2 guys grabbed an arm on each side held her flat against the wall.
This had the effect of stretching her tits to almost twice there length.


"Aaaaagggghhhhh!!!!" she screamed. "You like that, don't you, you little slut. Have a go boys."
At his invitation, the 2 men holding her, started to play with her tits and the
assistant lifted her mini skirt (she wasn't wearing any panties.) and
started pulling at her cunt lips. All the other men who had followed us in,
now gathered closer to watch the horny slut being abused and she was
obviously loving every minute of it. The assistant had 2 fingers in her
cunt, with his palm facing up and as he slowly fucked her with his fingers,
his thumb stimulated her clit. "Aaaaahhhh! Yes! Yes!" she kept moaning as
she was worked up to a climax. Then suddenly "Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!" she
screamed as her petite body shook with the explosion of her climax. "Aaahhh
yes! That was good." She said as she relaxed and fell against the wall.
"What about us?" asked the assistant. "It's our turn now, we want to fuck you, bitch!"
"Mmmmm!! Yes fuck me." My wife replied without opening her eyes.

"OK lads, take her into the back room." The men dragged her inside the small
room and roughly stripped her naked, knelt her on an armchair with her arms
resting on the back. The assistant got behind her, opened his pants and
pulled out his already hard cock. I watched intently as he slowly rubbed
it between her cunt lips getting the head nice and wet with her cunt juices.
He then shoved it into my wife, deeper and deeper until his pubic hair was
touching her ass, then slowly out again. He built up a rhythm going a
little faster with each thrust. My wife's moans got louder and louder as
his speed increased, then suddenly he let out a loud moan as he filled my
wife with his hot load. As soon as he finished, he was pushed out of the way
and another guy took his place. Without any ceremony he just stuck his dick
up her dripping cunt and savagely fucked her for barely a minute when he too
let out a moan as his cum shot up my dear wife's well used pussy.

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The rest of the men where too impatient to wait their turns, they just
crowded around her, sticking their cocks where ever they could. Grabbing
her tits, finger her ass hole, shoving a cock in her lovely mouth. They
even tried to get 2 cocks into her mouth at the same time but her mouth was
too small. They shot cum in her mouth, on her face, on her tits, on her
ass. Her hair was matted with cream. I had never seen such a spectacle and my wife even surprised me more as he
just kept getting one after another off. It was like she was caught up in the moment and didn’t care anymore.
She was going to finish off every cock in the room.

When they had all finished with her and had left us alone, my bedraggled and
well fucked wife was still draped over the armchair and moaning. I asked her if she was ok she just looked up at me with her
cum drenched face and smiled. I took all my clothes off and stood behind her,
I gently let my dick slide across her dripping cunt lips, I leaned
against her and put my arms around her and stroked her thighs, belly and
tits. She was covered in cum, what a whore she had become I thought to myself as I pumped her.

She started pushing back and said to me firmly, “you like me taking all those cocks, don’t you cuckyboy”?

I couldn’t answer as I just rubbed my face along her back as I sunk to my knees behind her and buried my face into her cum filled cunt.
She pushed herself back onto my face shoving her ass and cunt into my almost screaming, “lick it up cum boy”!
The cum just starting flowing out her well stretched pussy and gobs of it went into my mouth. I was like a little bird being fed by its mother,
I sucked her cunt dry, laping up every drop of cum. She turned around finally and bent over and kissed me and laughed out loud.
She looked so beautiful in all her glory. I have never loved her as much as I did at that moment.
I helped her get dressed and we walked out past the assistant and he said “cum back soon now”.
I think she had come to her senses was embarrassed with all the dried cum all over her and quickly walked out the door.

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