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My Girlfriend Takes It Up The Ass In The Mall

I'd discovered that my new girlfriend Evelyn wasn't the moody type. She didn't get easily upset. So I was a little surprised one day by a small but sudden change in her mood.

We were at the mall, and she had asked me to come with her into one of those chic women's boutiques where she was going to leave a dress to be altered that she'd bought there earlier. She left me waiting by the cash register while she went back to the dressing room to drop the dress off. When she left she was in her usual pleasant, cheerful mood, but then when she came back she seemed suddenly distracted and nervous. I wondered why, but she didn't say. She said only that the tailor was there, and that he would alter the dress but first needed to measure her. She told me she would be
right back and then walked back to the dressing room. It's sort of funny, but as I watched her walk away I was thinking about her body.
I was thinking that it didn't really match, in my mind, with her personality. She was what you call a "nice" girl, sweet-tempered and modest, not given to flashy or wanton behavior. She didn't wear low- cut dresses, wild earrings or lots of mascara. She wasn't a virgin when we met, and we'd had sexual intercourse pretty regularly, so she wasn't a prude, if you see what I mean. But she didn't wear a tiny bikini at the beach or display her body much, and I'd never heard her refer to anything sexual in public before. But under her plain, pretty, Ann Taylor clothes Evelyn had what can only be
described as a rather lustful body with Full, heavy breasts, which always surprised me a little with their weight when I cupped them, Big rosy nipples, a full red mouth. Generous hips, flaring out from an hourglass waist and a perfectly proportioned ass with a deep, smoothly sculptured crack dividing her round cheeks.

Anyway I wondered about Evelyn's change of mood, and wondered if the tailor had given her a hard time or something about the dress.
Vaguely thinking about giving her some kind of moral support if she got into an argument with him, I drifted back towards the back of
the shop. As I got there I saw that there was a doorway leading to a set of little alcoves with the usual white-painted half doors for
trying on new clothes. Evelyn must have come through here. I walked in, a little nervously and kind of on tip-toe, hoping I didn't come
across a half-dressed woman and get yelled at.

I didn't hear Evelyn's voice. I saw that the corridor continued to the left, and then turned right. I guessed that the tailor's shop was further back. Was Evelyn back here? I walked around the corner. There *was* a shop, and there were tables and scraps of clothing all over them. The place was a mess. I still didn't hear anybody, though. I started picking my way through the clutter. Then I thought I heard a sound like somebody breathing heavily, and I heard a low murmur, like somebody talking softly. It was a man's voice, pitched low, asking something, urging something. Quite suddenly and perfectly clearly I heard Evelyn's voice. She said ``All right, but quickly,'' and she said it in a normal tone, not whispering or
anything. Her voice came from my right, around past a huge table piled high with dresses, over which I couldn't see. I peeped past the table and froze. For a moment I didn't quite understand what I saw. What I saw was a man, young, with dark hair and an elegant white shirt on. That must be the tailor, I thought. He had no pants on. His legs were spread slightly. Kneeling gracefully in front of him in her pretty, modest gray striped dress was Evelyn, her heavy black hair moving gently as she withdrew the man's stiff, wet large cock from her open mouth. Evelyn stood up suddenly. As she turned toward me I ducked behind the table, my heart beating fast. Between some dresses I could still see her, but she couldn't see me. She brought
her hand up to her mouth and wiped off a trace of saliva from her chin. She had put on a little lipstick earlier today, but now it was all smeared.

Evelyn turned away from me, hiked her dress up and pulled her panties down to her ankles. She reached down and took them off. Then she
laid them carefully next to her on the long wooden counter. She turned around and lifted her dress up, over her naked ass, and bent over the counter. Reaching back with her pretty right hand, on which our engagement ring sparkled, she gently spread her bottom cheeks apart. I could see the slender, delicate folds of her vagina, surrounded by her trimmed, dark pubic hair. When I looked back at the tailor he was moving his hand up and down on his prick, smearing some oily stuff all over it. I noticed he had a really big dick, and it was thick and stiff as he ran his fingertips lightly over the
gland. Standing up behind Evelyn the tailor put one hand on her naked back. From where I was I could see him perfectly. He guided his cock to Evelyn's bottom, and positioned the head between the cheeks of her ass, pressing directly on the brown circle of her anus. And then slowly, but without any hesitation at all, this man pushed his stiff cock all the way up into my girlfriend's asshole. She never let me have anal even though I tried several times.

Evelyn didn't really make any sound. The tailor grunted when he entered her, and sighed deeply when his cock was finally up all the way inside her, with his hairy hips resting firmly against Evelyn's smooth white buttocks. He began stroking his dick slowly in and out, back and forth into Evelyn's bottom. He put his hands on her hips to steady himself, and began to accelerate, thrusting more and more urgently into her asshole. I couldn't help but imagine his dick swelling as he penetrated her again and again, getting harder and longer as he became more excited, so that each thrust of his cock
probed deeper and deeper into Evelyn's full rectum. Evelyn began to moan louder, in time to his motion, a big "OH! OH God!" coming from
her at the top of each stroke, just when the man's cock filled her most completely. Suddenly the tailor gripped Evelyn's hips hard and he began thrusting urgently, forcefully. He took bigger, longer strokes, and a few times I could see the smooth head of his prick emerge completely from Evelyn's anus before poking back into her. He began growling and snorting loudly, and I could see he was about to cum. I began to shake a little, with what emotion I don't know, as I imagined his thick white cum spurting up inside Evelyn's ass, and thought of how she would feel his cock throb and swell in the tight ring of her buttocks. ``Ohhh!'' he suddenly cried out. He stopped thrusting. Shifting his hands from Evelyn's hips to her thighs, he
pulled her towards him hard, straining urgently to push his dick just as far up inside my girlfriend's ass as he could. For a moment he stood there, holding her trapped and penetrated body tightly. She began screaming out loudly cumming with him, he placed his hand over her mouth. I could see her eagerly sucking his fingers into her mouth like a cock.

Then he groaned and his muscles grew slack, and he released her. As he staggered back I saw his softened, slick penis slide rapidly out of Evelyn's anus and pop out. A tiny thread of white semen dripped from the tip and landed on Evelyn's white flesh, resting between the cheeks of her beautiful smooth ass. He never touched her breasts at all. Well it was hard to know exactly what to do, and my mind was all in a haze anyway. My thoughts were racing, jumbling together, memories of Evelyn's chaste kiss after our first date, and the shy way she had later let me caress her nipples under her sweater, mixing together with what I had just seen, Evelyn spreading her generous buttocks apart so that a strange man could more easily push
his cock up into her ass. I stepped back behind the table where they couldn't see me. I heard voices and movement, and I realized that if I stayed where I was I would surely be discovered. I needed more time to think, so I walked rapidly and quietly out of that back room, past the dressing alcoves, and back into the main store. The noisy shopping environment of the store as I emerged seemed surreal to me, the women stepping sharply by in the aisles, high heels clicking on the polished floor as they swung their shopping bags, or pursing their lips and frowning as they fingered skeptically blouses and scarves on display stands. The very sexlessness of the whole mall shopping bustle contrasted so strongly with where I had just been, watching a woman being fucked up the ass, that I just felt dizzy.

What was I going to say to Evelyn? Only a few minutes had passed since she first went back, and she would be coming out very soon. In
fact, she came out even as I was thinking this. She looked normal, walking briskly towards me and smiling gently in her usual way. Her
dress swung naturally, and her red lipstick was no longer smeared, but I thought I could see that her black hair was a little bit mussed. And of course I thought of that tiny pearl of semen I had seen lying in the crack between her buttocks. Did she know it was there? Had she wiped it away before she put her panties back on? Evelyn and I left the store. She told me the tailor had agreed to alter the dress and that she would be coming back to pick it up in three days' time. We walked out into the main mall and toward the music store that had been our destination when we first arrived. We
passed a family restaurant with a big glass window in front. There were a couple of teenaged boys eating inside and they watched Evelyn
and I walk by. They looked a little jealously at Evelyn, and at first I felt a little proud, as I always do, to think of this good-looking
woman by my side -- I could see Evelyn's reflection in the restaurant window, and she looked real sharp -- pretty dark hair, sweet smile,
nicely shaped legs and large, firm breasts standing up high under her dress. But then I thought: this woman standing next to me, her
hand in mine has her ass full of another man's cum right now. The thought made me queasy, and I wanted to sit down. I asked Evelyn if
she wanted to go in and have lunch. She said yes, and in we went. We sat down, and a waitress brought us menus. I was looking at mine
when Evelyn suddenly said she wondered if they had a restroom here. I said they probably did, and then she said she was going to go
``freshen up a bit.'' I sat and pondered my fate. My girlfriend had just taken one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen up her ass
and let a strange man cumn inside her and she was acting perfectly normal. Who was this woman? Next Story

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