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Hot Hedo Nights I

I took my new wife to Hedo for our first anniversary. She was actually my second wife, I guess you could say my trophy wife. She 27 at the time and I was 38. Peg’s a redhead 36D-26-28, 5/6 115#. I am not a writer but I am going to try and tell you about my wife transforming into a Hot Wife. I guess I married Peg because she was sexually bold, more of a flirt then anything else. I told Peg of my fantasy to see her with another man and she would always say maybe, someday. I teased her for a bit about going to Hedo about fucking a black man and she surprised me and said, “you never know”!
We took an 8 day vacation to Jamaica and stayed at Hedo and it turned into quite a time. After a full day of partying, Peg was feeling it. That afternoon there was a cute waiter serving us drinks and I asked Peg if she was interested. At first she just giggled but as the alcohol flowed and she told me if I could get him back to the room she would do it. That was easy enough, Hedo is known for providing extra room service for it’s customers. On the last round of drinks I gave slid him a nice tip and asked him if could come up to our room. He looked at Peg and smiled and said sure. He needed about a ½ hour to finish up. I gave him the room number and told him we would be waiting. We went to the room and made out for awhile until I heard a knock on the door. He came into the room and smiled at Peg and me. I wondered how many times he had done this before. He was in his early twenties, 5/9 and slim build and attractive. He went right over to Peg on the bed as I stood beside it.
He kissed her for while when we all disrobed, she immediately started sucking his black cock as soon as she saw how big it was. I must say I’m average but compared to him I looked small standing there with my dick in my hand . He got up on the bed on his knees and started fucking my wife’s mouth deep. As I watched and listened to her slurping noises, I feverishly jacked my self silly. After a few minutes of sucking him good, she laid back, spread her meaty wet pussy lips so he could mount her. She looked so beautiful laying there with her legs spread from him. He could see how wet she was and that she needed a good fucking. Obviously he had before because she shook his big cock at her and looked at me.

He knew the routine. He slid between her legs on his knees and while still holding his cock with a fist slid the head into my new eager slut wife. She let out a moan like I had never heard from her before. He just kept penetrating her deeper and deeper as she screamed in pleasure. Finally he released his fist and got laid on top of her and begin giving her the fucking of her life. A few minutes into it I moved around behind him to get a good view of his cock penetrating my wife. I could see that her pussy had become so wet that her juice had ran down the crack of her ass. He pulled out at that moment and told her to mount him which she did and I got an even better view of his big black cock fucking my slut wife.

I couldn’t resist and got between his legs and began tasting her puckered wet asshole while he was deep inside of her. I slurped and tongued her hole. I could feel it opening and contracting on my tongue and the scent of sex was extremely strong. I was more of a pervert then I thought I was. I just couldn’t help myself. The sound of his cock and balls slapping my young wife’s pussy was a sloppy anthem that made me go even deeper into her asshole with my tongue. Soon after I stopped licking my wife’s ass, I could see his balls tightening up, getting ready to blow. He told her he was going to cum and she said she wanted it in her mouth. I could not believe what a whore she was being. She never swallowed my cum before.

He pulled her off and his glistening rod was right there for her, she quickly pulled off his rubber and sucked him like a little kid with a lollipop. Part of me was struggling with it but she looked so fucking hot with that black cock in her mouth. He began to shot his load and she gagged at first and some cum shot out of her mouth but she kept sucking and swallowing his cock until he was completely dry. I stood there and just came all over her white thighs. When she finished she felt a need to kiss me and I could taste him on her when she pushed her tongue into my mouth with some of him cum still on it. I wanted to spit it out but she kept shoving her tongue deeper into my mouth. I couldn’t resist her and swallowed. He got up and showered and left thanking us. Peg laid down and fell asleep right away. As she laid there I kept wondering who this nasty bitch was. Maybe the flirting was all a game and she was really a slut. I saw her do things with him that surprised me and shocked me a bit. Had I bitten off more then I could chew. I finally drifted off to sleep. Part II


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