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My wife and I were vacationing in the Bahamas this summer with family, so we didn't get a lot of "personal time" for sex. We were both feeling very horny but with no privacy for a romp in the sack. We went down to the ocean to swim and while in the water, we were snuggling a bit and became a bit playful.
My wife has really nice tits and I love to play with them whenever possible and if she is in the right mood she will often flash me even in public. Well with just a bit of encouragement from me, she did, right there in the water. The beach was not deserted either, but rather there were a number of other people around. However, she had her back to them. Well I couldn't resist and leaned down to take one of her nipples in my lips. She was nervous we would be seen, but I was beyond caring as my cock had become extremely hard. She wrapped her legs around me in the water and my arms were supporting her weight. She was gently bobbing up and down in the water and bouncing her pussy right against my hard cock. We were both becoming uncontrollably horny. I reached down and slid her bathing suit bottom to the side and began to play with her pussy. Again she looked around nervously but couldn't help but moan a bit and enjoyed the touch. Around us was another couple in the water just swimming leisurely about 20-25 feet away. There were a few people nearby on the beach and a very attractive young lady of about 21 wearing a hot red bikini.

She had been walking, but when she saw what we were up to she sat down at the water's edge and was subtly watching us. Knowing she was actually watching us spurned me further, so I slipped my cock out of my suit and began rubbing it against my wife. Her eyes became wide as saucers as she realized what I was doing and cautioned me there were other people around us, including one of my kid's teachers who had joined us on the adults only trip. She was reading up on the raised area near the beach. I slipped the first couple inches in, but had to keep moving small amount back and forth until her pussy built up more wet lubrication than the water could wash away. Now her breathing was quickening and she was getting into it. I gradually worked more into her and we rocked at first with the waves, but it soon became obvious what we were up to. I know this because the couple was watching us, spoke softly to each other and moved a bit down the beach, to give us privacy I'm sure. However, the young lady in the red bikini watched intently.
By now we were fucking steadily and deeply, and my wife was losing care if anybody knew. Now I know my wife. If you ask her in a normal state, she is a conservative, but playful woman (although we did go to the topless deck when on our honeymoon and she was very willing to be topless in front of other men and women alike- totally turned me on) But if my wife gets horny, I'd bet every dollar I have that she would take on even an orgy. So I informed her that we were being watched and asked if she wanted me to stop. Her reply was a definite "NO- fuck me, let her watch" she even got playful and said, "you like it with her watching you fuck me don't you?" I admitted I did and shoved my cock deeply into her. Once we both realized were fucking in the wide open view of others and both turned on by it, the pace quickened and I slide my cock into her pussy harder and faster, with little care if our movements still resembled a couple just bobbing in the surf. Just as we neared climax I looked over and saw the girl in the bikini touching her pussy in a subtle but definite way.

My wife couldn't see her with her back to the girl, but when I told her "she's playing with herself while watching us fuck" we both came together and very powerfully. After we just hugged for the longest while. Needless to say my cock wouldn't go down. My wife started to get out and I explained my predicament. she teased me a bit, "what's the matter? Afraid somebody will notice?" I decided to match her and immediately walked out of the water with a prominent hard on and intentionally walked within an arms reach of our young observer. The girl looked at me and then her eyes wandered down, which my wife saw and we shared a chuckle. I also stuck my tongue out at her and winked. Now this was the fun our marriage was craving. I think of it often.
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