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The Teacher Part 1

It was after hours at work and I was relaxing by reading some electronic porn on my office computer. My back was to the door and I was involved in my fantasies on the screen while I slowly stroked my prick through my slacks when suddenly I was surprised by a knock at my door. I don't know how long she had been standing there or what she had seen, but her presence left me in awe because when I turned around I was confronted with this blonde goddess standing in my office. She was about 5'4" with the most gorgeous blue eyes and wildly teased long blonde hair. Her perfume filled the room with her scent and her perfectly proportioned figure was highlighted by her trim and revealing dress. She asked if I could get someone to open the classroom across the hall where she was to conduct a seminar that evening. After locating the coordinator, she thanked me for my help and left.

I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great to kiss those sensuous red lips, caress those perfectly formed tits and lie between those long shapely legs. But then reality hit me and I realized that not only was she gone, but she may have seen my stroking and could really get me into trouble with my boss. How wrong I was to have worried.

The following week, about an hour before her next class, she walked into my office again. I was a little concerned about her intentions, but then she said that she had been surprised to see me reading a pornographic letter the previous week. (Apparently, she had been standing behind me long enough to read some of the material on the screen). The more she had thought about catching me stroking my prick, she decided that she wanted to see what I had been hiding behind my desk. I was surprised at her bluntness, but figured what the hell, I had wanted her from the time I first saw her.


fetish stories

She quickly came around behind my desk and sat on my lap. Our lips met in the most heated kiss I had received in a long time. Our tongues met and intertwined like dueling swords. As our breathing increased and our passions mounted, I broke off her advances. I told her I was afraid of someone walking in on us and started to get up, but she stopped me and said that she had already taken care of that by locking the office door when she came in. Knowing that everyone else had left and that the cleaning crew wouldn't be in until much later that night, we got back to where we had left off as she again kissed me deeply. I told her how much I had thought about her since last week and even told her about the fantasies I had dreamed with her as the main attraction. Her perfume was intoxicating and I began to fondle her ripe tits through the smooth fabric of her blouse.

She responded by grabbing my hand and pressing it firmly to her chest. It was definitely getting hotter in the office and as I started to unbutton her blouse I felt her reaching down to stroke my hardening prick though my slacks. I slowly removed her silky top, threw it over onto a nearby chair, and proceeded to unhook her lacy satin bra that was barely ample to hold her full breasts. She sighed as they were freed from their bondage. I started to lick the dark tan areola as her nipples rose up like little pencil erasers and became hard yet pliable. I alternated from her left tit to her right as my tongue circled and flicked over her nipples and I began a slow but steady suction on them as she continued to moan deeper with each stroke of my tongue.

fetish story

While I continued my assault on her tits, I began to rub my hand up her legs, reaching under her tight skirt to her soft, warm thighs. I was pleasantly surprised when I got up high enough to discover that she preferred to wear thigh-hi stockings. I knew then that I wouldn't have to fight the cursed pantyhose barrier. Once I reached the top of her stockings, I couldn't believe how hot her thighs were as I approached her silken panties. As I began to slide my fingers over her covered vulva, she spread her legs wider to give me better access. Her panties already had a growing wet spot that seemed to cover her whole mound. I stretched the elastic and slid my fingers beneath the silken barrier to finally reach her soft slit that was covered by the softest, silky hair I had ever felt.

I began to move my finger up and down her wet slit, slowly entering between her lips and reaching her clit at the top. The wetness was growing and her juices let my fingers move smoothly and quickly over her orgasmic nub. I quickened my strokes on her clit with my thumb as I inserted a finger into her hot, pulsating cunt. My finger moved smoothly into the deep recesses of her womanhood and her wet hole seemed to draw my finger into it like a vacuum. I couldn't believe how smooth and tight she felt. As I increased the tempo of my strokes and the depth of my plunges into her quivering quim, her breathing began to come in quick, short breaths. I realized she was close to cumming as I continued sliding my fingers over and into her hot cunt that was starting to release its juice like a faucet. Soon she gasped that she was cumming as I sank another finger into her wet hole, bringing her over the edge. She came in a long pulsating orgasm as she bucked and grunted against my hand. Her body jerked and convulsed in a gut-wrenching orgasm that left her gasping for breath.

"That was great" she said. "Now how about showing me what's been pressing into my lap all this time." I now realized that feeling the heat and wetness of her cunt had made my prick harder than ever as it strained to get out of my pants. She quickly got up from my lap and kneeled in front of my chair. As she pulled the zipper down, my prick seemed to want to jump through the zipper opening. I lifted myself off the chair slightly as she pulled my pants and jockeys down to my ankles in one swift motion. My engorged prick now was free from its prison and stood up hard and ready for her. With each heartbeat, it jumped just waiting to feel her soft caress. She quickly grabbed me at the base of my cock and started to stroke it slowly up and down. Before long she leaned forward and in one motion devoured my hardened member to the hilt. I could feel her hot tongue trying to wrap itself around me as she held me deep in her mouth. She then began to slowly raise her head until just the tip was between her wet lips and then quickly plunged down again to swallow the entire length. My mind was reeling from the pleasure she was giving me. I began to thrust my hips up to meet her downward strokes, but she held my hips firmly in the chair and continued to move her head up and down as she sucked me harder and harder. After several more strokes she lifted her wet lips to the tip of my prick and started to swirl her tongue over the purple knob licking up the precum that was forming there. After getting her fill of my juices, she again dropped her head down until my entire length was deep in her throat.

I told her that if she kept that up I was going to cum any second. She just moaned as she began to stroke me up and down with her hot, wet, and obviously talented mouth. After several more strokes, I could feel the cum welling up in my balls as my prick swelled even harder and bigger than it was before. I nearly shouted that I was cumming as she sank her lips to the base and took me deep into her throat and stayed there. She increased the pressure of her sucking as the cum shot from my balls into her waiting mouth. Each pulse made me jerk as my cum flooded her. She swallowed my jism and slowly stroked my prick up and down sucking and milking my cock to get every drop that was left. Finally she released my spent organ and kissed the tip before she got up.

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